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Thread: Very low weight gain

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    MaryJenna08 Guest

    Question Very low weight gain

    Hi everyone! I just had my OB/GYN appt last week and US and found out I am having another lil' girl. Dr. stated baby is doing well and growing properly. However, I am concerned w/ one issue. I have only gained 2 lbs and I am 21 weeks along. I was 10 lbs overweight @ the most before conception. W/ my DD I remember I was just massive & gained 40 lbs and w/ this one I am barely showing. My DD was 8lbs 7 oz. I am asking if there are any women out there that had a very low weight gain throughout pregnancy and was baby healthy when born? What was the birth weight of baby?

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    Congrats on your 2nd little girl! Every pregnancy and weight gain is different... is your OB/GYN worried? I actually only put on 3kgs the entire pregnancy with my first baby as I was 40kgs overweight as it is and went on strict Low GI diet. My OB confirmed I actually lost weight in my pregnancy due to the diet, she was not concerned as I weighed 110kgs at Julia's birth, and soon as she was born I weighed 97kgs then 3 months later weighed 87kgs. Julia was fine and healthy born at 7lbs 8oz. This time I have put on 5kgs so far and am 26weeks along, Im not on a strict diet this time. Are you eating differently this pregnancy? my OB said the average weight gain for women who are not overweight to start with is 10kgs - 20kgs a pregnancy which varies with everyone.

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    dont worry hunny , are you generally fit and active and healty ??? if you excersice and eat really( not easy for me , i have chocolate for breakfast ...) well you bub is probably getting what she needs i put on 22 kgs with ds at 21 weeks i had put on about 11 ...
    but this time i am 23 wks and only put on 3.5- 4 kgs , everything is differnt too ... unless your dangerously underweight , and you ob is worried , then id worry ..

    but if your the right weight or even got a lil extra and have put on much i wouldnt worry

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    paradise lost Guest


    I was 97kg when i fell PG, 95kg at 11 weeks (lost a few with morning sickness) and 101kg the day she was born. I didn't diet at all, my body just didn't gain extra weight i didn't need. I put on ALL of my weight AFTER 36 weeks too, i have my pregnancy notes and i see my 36weeks appointment says i was 95.4kg...

    DD was 7lbs 14.5oz, 3.58kg. I was back to 95kg on day 4 (which was the first time i weighed myself after the birth) and lost a subsequent 18kg, taking me down to a healthy (for my height) 77kg, through breastfeeding and exercise.

    As others have said, as long as you're not dieting, not dangerously underweight and feel fine then you've nothing to worry about.

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    I put on around 20kg with my first but with my second actually dropped 2kg in the first 20 weeks - ended up putting on 11kgs by the end. DD was around 6 and a half pounds at birth but was healthy and i have a family history of small babies. Like others have said unless you are underweight or your Ob/Gyn is concerned i wouldn't worry about it.

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    I put on 18kg in my first pregnancy, and do date with this one (with only 3 weeks to go) I've only put on 7kg. Unless your GP/OB is concerned, then I wouldn't be too worried.

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    My doctor told me that there is no normal amount to gain during pregnancy, everyone is different. I am a young, fit person and I put on a massive 30 kg during my pregnancy. I was huge. Had a lot of fluid too though. My little man came out at 10 pound 6 oz and 60 cm long!!! As long as you are eating healthy and drinking plenty of water then you should be fine

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    My first three pregnancies I put on 9kg at the most..all 3 babies were a healthy 8lb or more. This pregnancy I have put on 7kg so far (only 10 days to go) and doctor/midwives are not worried at all.

    As long as baby is growing, your weight does not matter.

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    If you were overweight when you got pregnant you are basically not supposed to put anything on til 20 weeks. Then after that it's around 1/2 a kg per week at most - so a weight gain of 10kgs all in all. I was overweight prior to conception and didn't put anything on (lost some at first) until after 20 weeks, and so far have only put on 5.5kgs (30 weeks today, so spot on so far, basically).

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    I would worry at all. My first bub i put on 20 kgs then with the next 4 i lost between 20 and 24kgs.
    With this bub i have stayed the same weight the hole pregnancy.
    Good luck

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    MaryJenna08 Guest


    Thanks for all the advice. My OB is not worried & from what I'v read on here it seems I shouldn't be either. Healthy babies can be born w/ a low weight gain. Thanks again!

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