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Thread: Very Very Sensitive BB's

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    Red face Very Very Sensitive BB's

    Hi i am only 13 weeks and one day but i thought that it would be better asking you ladies who have been there. ( yes my ticker is wrong!)
    My bb's are really really sensitive i can't stand them to be touched even if it's one of the kids sitting on my lap and brush past them its horrible. I can't stand to bump into things. Does it go away and has anyone else been through this.

    Thanks Nikki

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    I'm experiencing the exact same thing!! And mine have grown a cup size in just 2 weeks. It reminds me of when I was breastfeeding and I'd get engorged during the night. I'm even having to get up during the night and have a warm shower to relieve the soreness. I hope it goes away soon cause it hurts!
    And OMG, we're 2nd trimester and I didn't even realise

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    Hi. Yeah. I'm over 23 weeks & have been like this for a while now. I try to always wear padded bra's. They are a bit protective.
    When you start leaking colostrum you should spread some of this over your nipples & let them dry out in the open air. It will toughen them up & if possible get them out in the sun. Rememeber this when bub's born too. It can help.
    You can also buy lanolin, sheeps wool oil to do the same.
    Good luck girls.

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    Well mine are extra sensative aswell. Not to the extent that I dont want them touched though.
    It sounds normal and everyones symptoms are a little different.

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