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Thread: When to start setting up Nursery ?

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    I was helping my friend paint the mural on the wall at 30 wks and boy was it hard....i had to keep sitting down! so it depends what u have planned.. I also made DH go out to get the rest of the things we really needed just b4 my baby shower when i was 34 weeks coz i wanted it to look perfect ...a week later at 35 weeks...we welcomed DD into the world. (lucky!! or DH would have had to pick the rest of the furniture- eeeeek)

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    I havent done anything yet and Im 24 weeks but I plan to start cleaning out the spare room over the next few weeks then paint etc etc. I havent felt the urge to do anything up to now and its like suddenly I want it done its a strange feeling must be the nesting women talk about !

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    Yup, i know about the nesting instinct, i had dh helping me spring clean the whole place last week... then i was ok... then again this week i had more urges and had to start setting out the baby stuff..
    And im only 4 months eeekkkkk.
    Well im putting it down to the 6 year wait whilst ttc, i think it took its tole on me and i guess well im kaing up for it now with over doign everything early on, coz im gonna have to go over and do it all again before bubba gets here lol.

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    I started buying things from about 12 weeks and gradually ser the room up. Painted, then got blinds etc. I guess every 3 or 4 weeks we did something "big" and around week 33 or 34 weeks I added the finishing touches - like set up change table, washed clothes etc. It meant that I didn't have anything to do from abot 36 weeks but then I knew I could rest without worrying about ANYTHING!! IT's soo fun though!

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