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Thread: worried about obesity

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    Is it dangerous to lose weight in pregnancy?
    You may find that, if you are conscious about eating a healthy balanced diet in pregnancy that you lose weight without much effort. Or that you only put on a small amount of baby weight, then once you give birth, you will notice that you are less than you were when you started.

    With all 3 of my pregnancies, it was the only time I was really following a totally well balanced healthy eating approach.......(when I am not pregnant/breastfeeding I tend to snack on a lot of crap!) I only gained around 6kg in each pregnancy, then when I gave birth, found that I had dropped around 15kg.....then breastfeeding made me lose more too.....

    So to answer your question, don't put yourself on a "weight loss diet", just eat what you know is healthy for you and your baby..........(for me, I knew that no baby ever needed a Crunchie bar or a can of Pringles.......LOL!)

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    before my baby I was hovering around the 98kg mark when she was born I had dropped to 89kg and my doctor said that when you breast feed you can eat more 'cause your body is working hard creating milk and will burn it off (totally false in my case) the chocolate and sweetfoods I had gone right off in pg I craved with avengence and I am currently 102kgs (trying to loose bit more before IVF attempt in Feb)
    I had a D&C last Tuesday and while I was waiting to go to theater I heard the nurse talk to the operating staff about the obese patient (I can only assume they were referring to me) and the operating staff said well our table is only rated to 150kg. Way to calm an already nervous patient. I felt so crappy with myself but I had no issues during my pregnancy or during the natural birth of my dd, and my FS hasn't mentioned any need to reduce my weight .
    I'm sure we would all love to be thinner but the current trends don't tend to reflect that this is the case so surely this is would be a more common issue in hospitals now, I don't know? they certainly need a lesson in patient sensibility!!!!!!! all the best with number 6,

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    Hi just wanted to add my bit in. with my 1st pg i only gained about 2-3kg so i was obviously losing weight most of the time. i wasn't dieting as such, but ate normally and done alot of walking. i am at the same wait now as i was when pg with DS and im sure ppl are going to go on about my weight but i know i was born to give birth so ppl aren't going to put me down about what i can and cant do!!!
    the only "DOWN SIDE" to carrying extra weight when pg is the strain on the back in 3rd trimester and the workload of the heart. but through my pg with ds i managed to feel better than ever by over hauling my diet and moving more and drinking lots of water. the extra dietrary requirements for women who are pg is the equivalent to an extra salad/chicken sandwhich a day. so there s no need for major changes to the diet. if a pg woman was eating dangerously low levels of calories per day than thats just silly.
    my goal is this pg will be like my last and to focus on eating the best foods for baby and getting some rejuvenating energy and preparing myself for the birth

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    I am suprised at all these health care professionals that critcise but dont provide women with tools to help themselves. I was big at the start of this pregnancy, and because I had gained 17 kgs with my DD and still had 10kgs to loose when I fell pregnant again I asked to see the hospital dietician to help me maintain my weight throughout the pregnancy. I have managed to only gain 6 kgs for my entire pg, and I am feeling really good about it, and I know I am not putting my baby at harm because I am following a recommended eatin plan to ensure I get enough of the nutrients I need for myself and my baby.

    So my recommendation to anyone who is being hassled by the ob/hossy about being overwieght is to ask them for some assitance to maintain their weight rather than just criticise.

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    hi all
    as to the bra issue if you go to bras and things they will order you in the ones you need if they tell you they dont have your size tell them to get them in unfortunatlly they will cost you an arm and a leg i brought them there for last baby wich was 7 years ago and they cost me $70.00 each not breastfeeding this time so i dont need to worry to much in that department. as for the profesionals its got that bad that i dont even want to go to my appointments and just the thought of having my baby at john hunter almost brings me to tears i keep telling my hubby and other kids im having it at home to wich they totally freak out at but thats how i feel right now.
    ok girls take care .

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