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Thread: Am I close?!

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    kirsty_lee Guest

    Default Am I close?!

    Just a quick question, has anyone found that they tend to sleep WAY more than usual before labour? This morning I slept in until 12, and for me thats weird this has happend 2 days in a row... someone tell me that this means labour is almost here

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    I'm not sure if it means anything for labour, but I say enjoy it!!

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    Sorry Kirsty, I don't know. But if it makes you feel any better, I slept in a lot this morning too! Reckon I'll have an arvo nap as well as I'm still tired!

    Got my fingers crossed for you!

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    Butterfly_Princess Guest


    Cant say ive heard it is..and if it is then i must be REALLY close coz i sleep til 12 - 1pm almost every day unless i have something on..
    Far as i know the only almost definate signs of pending labour are the mucous plug coming away, waters breaking, contractions, all those physical things..

    Tiredness is just a symptom of pregnancy..not labour..sadly
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    I slept less the closer labour got!

    Enjoy the sleep while you can

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    Hmmm, not as far as I know. However, bubs tend to go a bit quieter before labour (mine have anyway ) - so maybe this is why you are sleeping more cos bubs is not waking you kicking and punching?

    You just never know, everyone is different

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    Yes, I have read that it can be...Something to do with your body preparing for the *energetic* experience to come. I slept a lot also for about 4 days before I went into labour...
    Having said that though - I was 8 days over due and I cant be sure if it was physiological or I was just damned tired! lol

    Good luck either way...and enjoy the sleep while you can!

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