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Thread: Anyone else have a child that is acting like this?

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    Default Anyone else have a child that is acting like this?

    Well my 3 1/2 yr old son has been behaving strangely over the last few weeks. He has always been a very independent little boy, even by the time he was one he refused to let us feed him!! However lately he has been acting more like a "baby". He won't eat his dinner now unless we feed him, then he wants to get up and sleep in mummy's bed, and the new thing is he is always asking "can you sit with me". I don't mind at all but for him it is very very strange. He also refuses to go with Daddy, and won't let him cuddle or pick me up, just constantly asking for mummy.
    Would he just be acting like this because there is a new baby coming?? Any other experiences like this would help.

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    I reckon it's because of the baby. My DstepD who is 5 has regressed a little lately as well. She's gone a little backwards on eating saying she needs help eating things we know she has no problem eating normally. She's also saying that we will love the baby more than her.

    From what I've read this is very common in siblings when a new baby is on the way. The books recommend keeping your other child as involved in the pregnancy as possible.

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    Hey Rach, I had a baby 7 weeks ago, and both my kids have regressed. before they were great sleepers and would go to bed no problems, but now they get out of their beds and stuff around. DS wakes up in the night and has nightmares and he has gone back to wetting the bed. Hopefully he will get over it and get back to normal soon.

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    One of my nephews who was nearly 3 when his little brother arrived started crawling again and using baby talk for a while after their new arrival.

    My ds has had sleeping issues for a few weeks now where he used to be a really good sleeper. I think there will always be tricky transition problems, so we're just using constant reassurance that we love him and that he'll be a fantastic big brother.

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