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Thread: Baby Head Down??

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    ~Belinda~ Guest

    Default Baby Head Down??

    Hi Everyone

    Well I went to the Ob on Monday and everything with our little girl is fine but my Ob commented that her head was really down low. Is that normal for 32 weeks? He mentioned I may go early? Is that right? Has anyone else experienced that as yet (if they are Mummys already?).

    She is currently kicking me in the ribs! HAHA, it's uncomfy but I love her so much already and have not even met her yet!

    I just am curious to know other people's experiences. She is due on 31 December.

    Thanks so much!

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    i think my first was 3/5ths engaged from about 33/34 weeks and i gave birth at 35 weeks. my second was 4/5ths engaged at about 37 weeks and i was induced at 38.5 weeks. my third (currently 37 weeks pregnant) has been 4/5ths engaged since 35 weeks and nothing yet.

    i think i remember reading that your first i always engaged early on - sometimes even for 6 weeks or so before labour. subsequent babies often dont engage until labour starts.

    i hope it means for you that your little one might be a few weeks early so you get to meet her sooner!

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    I think it does mean your little girl may come a little sooner. These are wonderful signs for a natural birth. Lets hope your bubs sticks in there for another month....then she can come out and see Santa!

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    Bindy my bub has been head down since 27 weeks (and has stayed put) so I thought I might go early too but I'm nearly 38wks now & she's still in there.
    She has also been low down in the pelvis for at least 3wks & even dr said she would more than likely be coming sooner than later but who knows!

    He did say that it usually means your labour will be less complicated & easier so lets hope so.

    Jo - 28 (treated endo)
    Dh - 34
    Second chlomid / IUI March 2007 -

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    With my first baby, he was head down very early, and was engaged from 32 weeks onwards. He didn't come until 40+3 weeks. My second never engaged and was born at 39 weeks, my 4th engaged and was very low quite early too and was born 1 day before her due date.

    I truelly don't think it makes any difference.

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    My bub has been 3/5 engaged since 37 weeks and my OB said she thought she would be here 38-39 weeks. I'm 39 today and still waiting......

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    It's certainly a good sign, Bindy, but I don't think it means you'll go early necessarily. Aparently in 1st time pgs babies can be engaged, then not, then engaged, etc. They can move around a bit! Must be nice to feel like everything's in the 'right place' though, IYKWIM! That's great news.
    My bub didn't engage until a couple of days before she was born, but she was a week late...

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    Honestly honey - try not to stress asbout it. My first was head down from 28 weeks, I went into early labour (which was stopped) at 32 weeks and went 2 weeks over and got induced!
    Vy was head down form the same time and I had her at 37 weeks via emergency c/s and my waters broke as I was put on the operating table.
    This baby is head down already to and's to a fantastic christmas i say - Babies come when they want....good luck

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    kirbstar23 Guest


    Hey Bindy....

    Darl my bubba has been head down now for 7 weeks.... he is now 3/5 engaged as of last monday.
    Were due on the same day.... so looking good!

    I've been missing in action - i blew up the laptop and a few other dramas so i'm finally back.

    Love Kirby

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    Kirby!! You better get yourself in the Belly Buddies group and quick!! Everyone has been worried sick about you girl. TonyDayl went into early labour but they stopped it, you've missed out on heaps, make sure you catch up on those posts, you'll have millions to get through...we are all chatterboxes in that group.

    Thanks to everyone regarding position of Bub - I guess I'm all new to this. She'll come out when she's ready yes!!


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    Enchanted Guest


    My bub was only 2/5 engaged at 38 weeks and I went into labour a few days later.... he still wasn't fully enagaged the either!

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    at 35+3 on tuesday, my ob said that mine was 2/5 engaged. and that it would more than likely come 'around' the EDD.

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    Thanks for all your comments girls, puts my mind at ease a bit!

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