thread: Baby shower. Are you/Did you have one?

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    Lee-Ann Guest

    When I had my first two daughters my baby showers were organised by my close friend. Since then we've moved across the other side of Australia and I no longer have all my friends here. I basically felt really weird inviting people that I don't know that well and I probably have 2 people here I would class as being really good friends, so in all I don't want a baby shower. I've bought everything myself anyway and I know my MIL will be sending stuff over from Sydney (I hope it's stuff I can use). I really don't even want gifts when bubs is born. Anyway, I definitely won't be having a baby shower this time around.

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    Melody Guest

    btw Serena, I just remembered some friends of mine did a "Bubba-Q" & wrote on the invite "Mummy & Daddy want to take this opportunity to have thier last uninterupted conversation with you.... they don't need presents because they are getting me!" It was just a lovely day with mums & dads having a glass of wine/beer & a simple bbq. More of a couple thing than a 'female event'. Maybe that would also be a compromise if you were unsure?

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    I didn't have one with Jack because the thought never crossed my mind, i'm not sure I would be really into it but Cailin, your idea about the "essentials" is brilliant. My brother & SIL gave me a baby bath stuffed full of essentials when Jack was born, it was the best gift and I still have stuff from it now.

    I'm pretty sure that we won't be having one this time around eithor.

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    froofy Guest

    I didn't have one last time and I won't be having one this time, as I would be too embarrassed about having a party where it's usually just for the gifts. Plus, I want to be able to choose everything for bubs myself along with my fiance, and make sure we have everything we need and want ourselves. If that makes sense

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    Fruitwood Guest

    I would have really liked to have a baby shower but don't want to throw one for myself, lol. I thought it might look like I was just throwing myself a party to get presents, lol. (which would have been nice, lol). I don't have any close friends that live near by and all my family live interstate, so I'd only be inviting friends who I know through work etc but don't really associate any other time, lol. Maybe next time round, lol. I really hope that everyone had fun at their baby showers, they always look like alot of fun.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2005

    Hey there Sharon

    I agree with you in regards to feeling funny about putting on my own baby shower - but I look at it this way....my friends are so hopeless that they haven't even thought of it - it's more a matter of all them expecting the other one to do it etc etc and besides I feel funny mentioning it to any of them as then I would feel really dumb. 8-[

    So I look at it this way - I get to throw my first party for my little bubba -he/she will enjoy the food from the inside - they may not get to stick their hands in the cake but none the less there will still be cake.

    I figure if no one is going to do it for me - I'll do it for myself - everyone I know is either too busy to think about it or to slow to step up and offer -this way I get to eat what I want any way - and when crunch time comes for the slack arses that haven't offered I'll be sure to sit back and watch also

    Di \/

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005

    I'm having one - more because in one certain group of friends I am the first one to have a baby and they are all hanging out for it - so I must do my duty and let them!!

    My mum is actually going to give the party for me and word it that she is throwing the party to honor me and the baby. I figured that all the people who will be invited will be giving us something small when baby is born that they would like to come to a champagne afternoon tea and have a chat.

    I'm really looking forward to it.. nothing like a party!!!

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    tiggy Guest

    I have never had one and I have had twins, a single daughter and a single son before this year. My mum is throwing one this time and while it is weird to be doing it at the end of my childbearing, instead of the beginning, it is also really nice. It is a no pressie party and everyone knows it is just a nice get together to celebrate the miracle of these babies after losing our son last year. This is also my last pregnancy and a last opportunity to celebrate pregnancy and birth (which is my life, my career and my love).

    We are having games but seeing as alot of my friends are also midwives, I think it will be a hoot. Also, it is mixed and kids are invited, it's not just a girl thing. I'm really really looking forward to it. It's on the weekend before I have to go into hospital for the month leading up to the babies birth. It will be nice to have a get together.

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    There is an article in this months practical parenting about baby showers.