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Thread: bad back pain - a pinched nerve??

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    Default bad back pain - a pinched nerve??

    hi all

    I have had really bad lower back pain on one side for the past couple of doesnt seem to be muscular because warm baths, heat packs etc arent healping. It is really painful to lift my feet up if putting on shoes or socks, and when i move my left leg. Does this sound like bub could be on a nerve??
    Not sure what to do, go see my GP or just wait until i see my midwife on friday??
    Any suggestions to help with pain would be great..


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    See if you can get a pg massage or even bowen therapy (which is completely safe in pg) to try to alleviate some of the pain, even if you think it isn't muscular, it will still help. It is possible that baby is pushing on something making it sore, or it could just be late pg soreness.

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