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Thread: Big Babies

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    Thanks for all the comments guys, im starting to become positive that I am going to have a vaginal birth.

    One thing i am interested to know is why do they give you ultrasounds this late in pregnancy if they are not accurate?

    It just makes the mother to be freak out and think she is having an extra large baby, one of my friends was told she was having a 10 pounder and ended up having a 7 pounder. It makes me angry.

    Oh yeah and the hospital rang me last week to tell me that everything is ok but they cancelled my appointment for last week and wanted to cancel my appointment for this week and make it for next thursday 03/04/2008 when i would have been nearly 39 weeks pregnant because I am not a high risk pregnancy.

    Is this right for them to do that? I thought that once you hit 36weeks that you were supposed to be seen every week until the baby is born or is that just for people with high risk pregnancies.

    I ended up cracking up and they ended up keeping my appointment for this week.

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    They do it because they can, simple as that.

    As for your appointments, if everything is going fine, then there is no need for you to go in weekly from 36wks. With my 2nd and 3rd pgs I only went at 35, 37 and 39wks because my Dr told me there was no reason for me to come in and if I felt that something wasn't right then by all means come in, but hey, I didn't need any further convincing not to LOL. And put it this way, if you don't go they can't make you 'agree' to things you don't want.

    And of course you are going to have a vaginal birth - you've done it before, you know what to do and you'll do great!

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    I had a scan at 34 weeks (to check placenta) and they casually told me bubs estimated weight was 6lb.....scared me a bit as based on estimates it put bub at about 9lb at 40 weeks.....I disregarded it though based on my other kids weights (6lb10oz, 8lb2oz, 7lb3.5oz).

    Guess what though...bubs was born 9lb at exactly 40 weeks

    I also had a scan at 34 weeks with DD where her estimated birth weight was 8lb at 40 weeks......she was born 8lb2oz at 40 weeks....

    So my experience has been good with estimation....but that said my last had the biggest head and I had no damage 1st and 2nd left me torn and bruised.

    I agree that a good midwife and good management of the birthing stage can make all the difference....

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    My DD #2 Matilda was born at 41 weeks. I had no idea how big she was as my last ultrasound was at around 24 weeks, although I suspected she would be on the larger size. Turns out she was 9lb 9oz, which of course I only found out after she was born. Out of my three births, hers was the best and although I did tear it was not huge, and I suspect that would have happened whatever size she was. I am glad I didn't know before hand that she was on the large side, because that would have made me stress and doubt my ability to give birth to her. I am glad I didn't know because it would have added unnecessary stress, and as it was it didn't change the outcome - she was still born vaginally, which was what I wanted.

    Ange - You can do it! Women's bodies are made to carry and give birth to babies, trust in yourself and your body

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    Gosh, at 32 weeks, my bub was measuring around 39 weeks!!!!
    I was always 6+ weekes ahead. DS was born 8pd14.5oz. Not a massive bub at all.
    I was being made to think that my baby would be around 11pds!!!!!
    They are very innaccurate. Take it nice and easy, rest up. You can do it!!!
    If I can give birth vaginally without drugs, then anyone can
    all the best.

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