thread: Birth Plan?

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    Yeah but you have to remember that a birth plan/intentions/preferences covers all scenarios, its not all about saying I am having a natural birth with no drugs. Its about saying, 'if an induction is necessary, my preferences are this... if a c/s then this....'

    Some Obs see that as an intrusion to their 'power' and some think it's all going to fold anyway as that's what they see often... mine laughed at my first one too. But stand firm, you are the paying customer... they are an advisor but you are the decider and you need to research your plan so you know why what you have chosen has merit.

    Take a look at my plan... its designed well, flexible but firm I think.
    Kelly xx

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    Kelly, I agree with you.

    Thank goodness I have such a good OB!

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    Hi Bindy. I'm relying on Tony to relay what it is I want and dont want on the day. He is pretty clued up as we have spoken about it a lot.

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    Hi Gorgeous gal, that's good I think! As long as they are in the know!

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    On birth plans ...

    in my case I have written a birth plan. However there is flexibility written into my plan, which I think is important. It's impossible to know exactly how the birth is going to go, so having flexibility is essential imo as it's not ideal to set oneself up for disappointment.

    In my case having a plan was about me as much as it was my partner. By discussing the plan with my partner it has included him in the process and empowered him when it comes time to welcome our little bundle of joy into the world. Particularly when it comes time for decision-making.

    I've found the process of writing a birth plan really helpful too because of the research involved.

    Just my 2c.

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    The hospital i go to has a birth plan in the info that you get, i have filled it in twice and both times it has sat in the front pocket of the bag. DF knows what i want, or i ask him, with the major things like in the event of a emerg c/s he knows what to do, he asks me if i want any pain releif (most of the time its from him rubbing my aching back!!) Also the midwives that are at wollongong hosp are excellent, they listen to your needs/wants. Make neccesary comments/advice. The midwife i had with Jett was excellent, i actually gave birth with a heat pack on my back!! Hehehehe.
    Goodluck and make sure you discuss with your DP/F/H What your intentions are!!


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