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Thread: Booby Juice........ or lack of

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    Default Booby Juice........ or lack of

    From about 16 weeks I always had a bit of colostrum leak at night when I was laying in bed.

    Now though this has all changed, for the last few weeks there hasn't been any leakage (I know something I should probably be glad about) but not just that (TMI alert) if I squeeze my nipples or massage my bosums I still don't get anything.

    Is this a bad sign for breastfeeding considering I am now 35 weeks??? Is there something I can do to stimulate the colostrum production??

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    Some women don't get a lot of colostrum at all during pg and this is no sign of how things will go after bubs is born. I always varied with how much colostrum I had during pg too, so I wouldn't worry about it too much

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    I never got any leaking or anything and i couldn't even squeeze anything out until i realised, at about 39 weeks, i was squeezing the wrong spot. I was squeezing towards the end of my nipple, and not back at the edges of the areola where the milk ducts are. I had plenty of milk whem DD was born.


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    Your hormone levels probably have just shifted is all. Your body might be focusing on other things for the moment, not leaking sticky stuff out. You are growing the final stages of a person, a lot of building goes into that, and it keeps your body fairly occupied - I know women are awesome multi-taskers, but sometimes we can't do everything at once .

    I never got any colostrum at all before birth and I have breastfed 4 children (not at once LOL).

    Best of luck, don't let it bother you. Enjoy the sticky-free nights while you can .

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    I am 38 weeks and don't have any leakage at all. I was starting to think i was abnormal but it seems common.

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    Smudgies, I was wondering the same thing this morning! I used to be able to squeeze small amounts of colustrum, but nothing for the last couple of weeks, so you're not alone.

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    I had leaky BB's all during my PG my friend didn't and she BF just fine. She also never felt her let down or had leaks between feeds (lucky duck )

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