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Thread: Constant Braxron Hicks?

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    Default Constant Braxton Hicks?

    Hi there,

    I'm new to this forum and thought I might ask a question

    I am 33 weeks and I get what the doctors seem to think are Braxton Hicks...thing is they are all day every day, regular as clockwork and oh so painful. One day they will be 10 minutes apart for the whole day, next day 8 minutes...sometimes down to 5 minutes apart for the whole day. They stay at the same level of pain...and dont get closer together for that day are rather intense and give me backache as well.

    Everything I have read seems to indicate that Braxton Hicks shouldn't go for more than a few hours and you shouldn't be able to set your clock by them. This has been going on since 26 weeks but have got even worse in the last few days. I went to the hospital last week and they did an internal and said that my cervix was still long and hard so I am not in pre labour.

    I was wondering if anyone else has had or is having this? I had the same thing with my first born, but they were no where near as painful as this and he was born at 39 weeks. I am scared that I will have to put up with this for this next 7 weeks and dont think that I can. How early can I demand an induction...can you even do that or will they just tell me to deal with it? Panadol, panadine, hot showers, resting, walking, yoga, meditation, shoping, pedicures nothing seems to help alieviate it! My husband ended our marriage when I was 12 weeks pregnant, so I cant sit around and put my feet up...especially with an active 18 mth old boy. Any advice would be appreciated
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    sorry to hear you are in some considerable discomfort my doc has told me that i get an irritable uterus..and that i can sometimes get runs of BH'S each day ... but not painfull... annoying more to say.. He has told me to slow up a little mmmm? it is a bit hard too... i think if you are worried maybe give the midwifes a call at the hospital and explain these to them.. my best bet would get a second opinion..hope they settle for you ..

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    I firstly just wanted to say that your doing an amazing job. I hope your so proud of yourself.

    Secondly, I agree, maybe get a second opinion. I'm not saying that what the first doc told you is wrong, but maybe a second will be a little more understanding and compassionate or helpful. Or definately talk to one of the midwifes about other pain relief. Maybe also look into accupuncture. I know it can help bring on labour maybe it can help to relieve some of the symptoms.

    Sorry if I haven't been of much help.

    Take care, you super mummy!!!

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