thread: contractions that have slowed down is this normal

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    fel23y Guest

    Question contractions that have slowed down is this normal

    hi everyone i am currently 37 weeks and 6 days pregnant at 1.30am i woke up with mild contractions they were on goin every 5 to 7 minutes lasting between 30 to 40 seconds after 12 hours they have come to a stop has anyone ever had this ? its so fustrating if anyone has did they start up again later on

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    BellyBelly Professional Support Panel

    Nov 2005

    Hi Hun
    Yes this is quite common but it is a sign that things are moving along. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing how long this is going to happen for. The contractions may start again and not stop but they could continue to start and stop for the next couple of weeks. Sorry to be the one to give the (sort of) bad news.

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    Jul 2006

    This happened to me. Mine started on the Thursday and continued through until the Sunday (on and off) until I caved and agreed to induction.
    I would get as much rest as possible b/c this may go on for weeks, like Alan said and you want to have as much energy saved for labour.

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    fel23y Guest

    thankyou alan and julia for your reply its just so strange how diiferent this pregnancy is to my daughter i had a show with her then within hours my contractions started i think thats where i get confused cause im probly expecting the same thing to happen with this little fella goes to show you how all pregnancys are different oh well he will come when his ready lol !

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    Nov 2006

    How are things going?

    I was the same, my waters broke with DD, then a few hours later, contractions started. Then with DS things started and stopped then started and stopped for awhile (won't tell you know long) but the good news is I had a really good short labour, 3 hours, and I put it all down to lots of pre labour. Fingers crossed the same happens for you. Can you remember this Alan? Imust have been very annoying.....

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    Mar 2005

    Oh - DH and I stayed up until 3am one Sunday night with contractions every 5-7 minutes (good thing World Cup Soccer was on so we had something to watch! LOL) and then decided I had to get some sleep and when i woke up they were gone.

    BUT the real thing started up on the Tuesday night and DD was born at 3am on Wednesday. It's a good sign that your body is 'practicing' for the big event.

    Good luck! Hopefully you don't have TOO long to wait!

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    Feb 2007

    very common I had this countless times it was really frustrating. Had them pretty much every 2-3days 4weeks from his due date when i was actually in labor i didnt believe it because I started out just feeling sick like id eaten something bad, then had some slight cramping, then had him the next day lol

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    Apr 2006

    A similar thing happened to me. My ob told me that having a lot of pre labour was good in terms of getting your body ready

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    fel23y Guest

    thanks again for all your replys hopefully it wont be long now untill he arrives ill keep everything crossed for the mean time to bring me luck lol !

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