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Thread: dilating at 34 weeks?

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    Default dilating at 34 weeks?

    Hi there everyone
    Is it possible I could already have started dilating at 34 weeks? My first was born early at 34 weeks and 6 days and with my second I had starting dilating at 36 weeks.
    I have been having very intense regular braxton hicks and after self examination this morning (i know it was a stupid thing to do but i was worried), i found that my cervix is quite short and soft and already open to about one finger width. Does this mean I am already dilated to about 1 cm and if so, does it mean the baby will be more likely to come early?
    I know its not very sensible to be trying to diagnose and check myself but i was just a bit worried after already having an early baby and im not due to see my doctor again for another 10 days. I dont want to bother him if in fact its nothing at all to worry about.

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    Beccas - you have the right to see your doctor for anything you like. They get paid for that!
    It is definitely better than self-examining and possibly causing problems. They will take you seriously, especially with your history.
    Good luck!

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    Hey Beccas

    if you have any concerns about anything in pregnancy and birth always ask...ok hun

    a soft cervix that you can insert one finger into too is generally what a 'multi' os would feel like...after first labor and birth the opening cervix always remains the shape of a pea, when prior to childbirth it would have looked like an firm upside down smile...but, if you have any concerns please just get it checked out

    hope this helps

    xx yogababy

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    Beccas, this is bub number 2 yeah ? Don't fret hun. In subsequent pregnancies your cervix is never fully closed up. I sit at 1cm constantly. With my last preg I was 3cm for weeks before I went into labour.

    As long as your hands were clean, which I'm sure they were, don't beat yourself up over your own internal. Far better your hands than someone elses.

    Oh Snap Nat

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    sorry...speaking the m/w lingo...os is simply the cervical opening


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    thanks girls. feel much better now - sounds like all is normal for a third pregnancy.

    thanks for your replies.


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