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Thread: Dilating.... already!

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    kirbstar23 Guest


    I hope so!

    They have said they let you go till about 5-6cm than they admit you and break your waters.... so hopefully sooner than later for my sake! And bubby seems happy enough, so hopefully he'll be happy when he breaks out... ha ha ha!

    Love Kirby

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    Hi Kirby, oh you poor thing being in pain, I hope you dilate quickly so they can admit you then you can get your waters broken. At this stage, do you think he'll need to go into special care or anything? Glad he is doing fine in there.

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    kirbstar23 Guest


    To be honest bindy i have no idea! I hope he won't be in there too long if her has to go into SCN.

    One of mum's work mates had a baby the other day at 32 weeks, they got steroid shots into her but baby came out at nearly 6 pound (little boofa, imagine if he had have stayed in full term) and predicting he can go home at 3 weeks of age. That would bring him up too 35 weeks.... but everyone is different!

    As much as i want him out.... i still want him in a little longer for his sake!

    Love Kirby

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    Hi Kirby,
    I just read your story. You poor thing. I hope bubbas is behaving and either pulling back to ease the pain or has speed things up a little for you. How are you going?

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    kirbstar23 Guest


    Oh thanks Mummy Mel...

    I'm convinced bubba is a monster! He is driving me mad, extremely quiet all day, than at night when i take a killer to help me get some sleep he goes crazy. Almost like he's fighting in a world boxing title, and of course it's right where i'm in pain!

    I'm hoping that this full moon tomorrow night helps him along a little.... apparently it's yet another old wives tale (mum informed me early today). But we are off to get our pregnancy photo shot done tomorrow morning at 10am... so i'm really excited about that! But after then he can come straight away!

    Thanks for thinking of me.

    Love Kirby

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