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    Question dreams...

    I was just wondering if there is anything to this...
    I keep dreaming that my waters are going to break in bed, and im not going to have much time between hitting the hospital/delivery room and delivering.

    Could it be bubs warning me???

    Thanks in advance

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    I had tons of scary dreams before DS came and luckily none of them panned out. I had a very long and hard labour but everything went well and baby came out healthy. I think it's more a case of a bit of pre-labour anxiety making it's way into your dreams.

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    I keep dreaming that I have the baby at home by myself..... I can tell you that definately isnt going to happen!!! I think we all have lots of weird dreams related to labour.

    I dream about swimming, apparently that has to do with the labour too.

    My weirdest so far is seeing a spider give birth. (Spiders dont give birth by the way they lay eggs in a sack!!)

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