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    Angry Extra Moody !!

    Hi everyone, I am almost 40 weeks and the last few days I have been in a terrible mood. I should be excited because the end is near but I just can't shake this bad attitude. It feels like PMS. I'm very irritable about any and everything. I don't like being this way and was wondering if any of you felt this way before the onset of labor? I am wondering if it's due to the hormonal changes that occur before labor starts (similar to starting your period)???? Anyways, if anyone has had the same thing happen it would be nice to hear your story. Does it mean I'm going to go into labor soon or am I just a B***ch???

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    I have been extra moody this week too... i think that it is something to do with all the hormonal changes that we are having, coupled with the fact that we are tired and getting 'over' it - not sure if it is realated to labour as this is my first time too - but there has be a definate change in the last week for me and it coincided with Bubs engaging

    You probably are being a b*tch, but you also have every right to be!!!
    Blame it on the hormones, your size, your pregnancy - blame it on anything you like... your body is doing so much work right now that i think that it is OK for us to feel a bit fed up wit the world and crabby!


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