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    Hi all

    I have made it to 40 long weeks and I cant take it anymore.

    I had docs appt today and had a s&s done .
    Doc says I am 3cm and the cervix is very soft and ripe but bubs heads is still 4/5

    any advice on how to get things going as I have had enough of this heat wave in adelaide and am glad to have a few days of cooler weather before the weekend heats up again

    I am going to try a VBAC so I am stressed about that to.

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    The best thing you can do is stop stressing. This alone can reduce your chances of going into labour. easy to say I know Try and focus on how happy you are going to be holding your precious little one real soon. It is great that you are 3cm already, maybe the s&s will get things moving. Good luck.

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    I give this advice to everyone who goes overdue... Sorry if I sound like a broken record
    My advice is to keep busy and distracted. Making meals to freeze, biscuits for when those visitors come to see the new baby etc. Then at the end of your baking frenzy, put your feet up with a cool drink.
    Walking is hard in the hot weather when you've got all that preggo weight, so I spent alot of time walking around the shops where it is air-conditioned. Also, climbing up and down our stairs at home Keeping moving and active will be good for you and should help move things along. All the best for your birthing day!!!

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    Walking is great to try and get things going. If you can manage it go for as long a walk as possible and see how you go!

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    Walk walk walk.... get moving and going up & down stairs is a great way to help bubs move further down into the pelvis. Lean forward all the time if you sit down, don't recline.

    Get a massage... not for relaxation (although it does help) but find someone who does massage to help with induction and preparing your body.

    *hugs* its never easy hitting that date... both of mine were well & truely later than expected.

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