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Thread: Has your belly button popped?

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    I think it depends on the 'shape' of your belly button!

    Mine went flat last time too - with just a little bit poking out at the top LOL I used to stick a bandaid over it so you couldn't see it through my shirt. It didn't 'pop' like that until about 26 weeks I think? This time around, it has already gone the same as it was at 40 weeks last time - I guess it remembers what is happening??

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    It went small but I never popped

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    Mine is still an "innie" - definitely smaller than usual, but not flat or popped out.

    tasha_84 - I had real pain around my belly button around 20 - 25 weeks. My Dr was suggesting hernia too, but I think I was just stretching - all seems to be ok now.

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