i think most people would prefer to go naturally but its not all doom and gloom if you need to be induced i have been 5 out of 6 times.
ds 1 4.5 hours and no complications no drugs no tears
dd 1 3.5 hours same as above
dd 2 1.5 hours again same as above
dd 3 28 minuets now this is the only one i went into naturally and as you can see from the shortness of labour it was way harder and faster then my inductions it was also the one i had a pph with
dd 4 50 minuets once again perfect
ds 2 4hours and 45 minuets now this was my longest but he was breech and also induced due to being overdue and a big bub and i did have stitches this time but only 6 and again probablly more to do with him being breech and postiriour.
not all induction go wrong sure it does happen but then again not all labours that start naturally go to plan either