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Thread: Heart Palpitations??

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    Default Heart Palpitations??

    I dont know if it has anything to do with me being pregnant or what (although i think it likely) but ive noticed that since week 32 (or there around) my heart has been beating really fast (as if ive been running a marathon) and it would make me feel breathless, as if i couldnt catch my breathing up with my fast heart.
    I told my mum about it and she said it was heart palpitations (?SP) and i asked her if it was a bad thing and she said it depends how often one gets it.
    Well i get them around 3 times a day, give or take. And i havent been doing anything that would bring it on. I could just be sitting down and ill suddenly get them.

    I dont know if its anything to worry about, but im starting to worry a little bit. I should probably call my MW and ask her, but ive got an APPT with her tomorrow..i was just going to wait til tomorrow to bring it up with her.

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    Hi Meg, i have 'palpitations' daily and it was worse when i was preggers. I asked OB about it and it is relatively common during pregnancy and not usually an issue for mum or bub. But always good to ask just to set your mind at ease.
    I hated the feeling! GL with your app tomorrow.

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    HI Mummymeg,

    I had palpitations at about 25 weeks they lasted quite a few weeks and each week they got worse, my mw sent me to a cardiologists and they ran some tests and found I had a heart murmur but it was due to pregnancy and had nothing to worry about and that it should heal itself. I'm 34 weeks and 4 days now and get the occasional palpitation but not as bad as i did. After a while it kinda fixed itself , i remember the doc saying that so many pregnant women get chest pains during preg its unbelievable, and it goes once they give birth.

    I would suggest getting it checked even though it could be nothing. My chest pains felt like my heart was trying to jump out of my chest, they were painful and really strong. I remember feeling like i was going to pass out once when my partner and i just finished DTD. It was painful.
    Please tell your mw anyway1

    Take care Darl, Hope this helped.

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    I get these a lot too. Mostly when I lay down or am sitting still - which makes them more noticable...

    I did get them prior to falling pregnant (very occasionally), but they are more frequent now I'm preggers... I reckon it just feels like you're heart forgets the rhythym of the music of your body! I find a few deep breaths helps get it sorted

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