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Thread: Itching with Intrahepatic Cholestasis?

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    I have been experiencing a lot of itchiness for the last 3 weeks and it was suggested to me that it could be Intrahepatic Cholestasis in Pregnancy. Apparently this disorder puts excess bile (from your liver) into your bloodstream which causes a number of symptoms - the main one is uncontrollable itchiness.

    I'm worried that I've got this as it could affect the baby. My itchiness is almost unbearable sometimes and I'm 5 days past due date for birth.

    Has anyone else had this condition or itchiness in pregnancy and are there any suggestions for me? I should have asked the Dr to do a blood test to look for the bile to confirm that I had this condition, but when I told him about the itching he just told me to use Vitamin E Cream and I thought I'd follow his advice first. It didn't help...

    I've been hoping I'll give birth before it becomes too bad, but as time ticks on it's getting harder to cope with.

    I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions...


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    I had a similar thing with my first but it showed up the day after he was born & for about 4 weeks i was in hell the itching was unbearable. Aloe Vera can help or calomine (sp??) lotion but would get the blood test done if possible as im pretty sure it can affect bubs
    Yep just did a quick google and
    Effect on Baby
    The liver of a healthy fetus has a limited ability to remove bile acids from the blood. The fetus normally has to rely on the maternal liver to perform this function. Therefore, the elevated levels of maternal bile cause stress on the fetal liver. Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy increases the risk to the baby of meconium staining during delivery, preterm delivery, and intrauterine death. Women with ICP should be monitored closely, and serious consideration should be given to inducing labor as soon as fetal lung maturity is confirmed

    Though the chances of some outside of south american countries & similar are very remote but get the test done for your peace of mind.

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