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Thread: It's happened again

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    Angry It's happened again

    It seems I am no longer able to carry on normal conversations, especially with people who don't know me well enough to ignore it when I say stupid things or my tone is sharper than intended.
    It's like I lose the editing process or something, and everything I say comes out blunt and wrong.
    This happened during my last pregnancy too, and I ended up having to completely avoid certain people (like my mother) who seemed to bring out the worst of it, but it's there all the time.
    DP even advised me against responding to a post tonight, cos I wasn't going to be able to say what I wanted right, even though I wanted to help.
    Today the supermarket chick asked how I was and I forced myself to say "fine, thanks" when what I really wanted to say was 'Fat and grumpy, and you?'
    My fuse is so short it's almost not there, and I just want to growl all the time.
    So dumb. Hope it passes soon. I've only got a month to go, but if I have to pass it not making eye contact it's going to be a long one!
    Hope everyone else is cruising

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    I can relate to your post very well littlelara!

    At the end of my pregnancy things would drive me crazy. When I had to do the grocery shopping I was at my worst too! Things would annoy me so much, and usually where I am such a nice, polite person I would find myself wanting to snap and glare at people!

    Hang in there!

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    I had a little chuckle as this sounds just like me when i was pregnant I was on bed rest at the end of it so i only really seen mum and dh!

    I too hope your last month goes nice and quick.

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    Heres a for you littlelara! I can kind of relate to your post. The different is anyone says boo to me I start crying. My dh asked me what I wanted for dinner tonight and I just started crying. I hope you feel better really soon.

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    Went to woolies tonight to get formula for monkey boy (who is lighting my fuse at regular intervals) and some dude, leaning on the bonnet of his commadore was glaring at me (I drive a BA XR6 turbo falcon) and i just glared back at him and said "what are you looking at #*&#@*&%*^%*&"...... the window was up of course!! HE HE HE LOL.... but he knew what I was saying i think cause he looked away quick smart.... I hauled my whale like slef out of the car and waddled into the shops thinking YOU IDOIT!! what if he was some psyco!!...
    Went to the warehouse to get xmas decorations and it was old age pension day so none of them budged an inch for me as I waddled about the shop... I was getting sooo cranky i mummbled to myself about it being pension day .. and thought YOU IDOIT!! he he he..... the list goes on but I TOTALLY understand where you at :hugs:

    Not long to go now!

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    I feel you littlelara!!

    When I was pg I all of a sudden just had to say EXACTLY what was on my mind, and it wasn't usually very nice!

    Hang in there, and I promise I won't judge if you post something blunt!!! Lol

    All the best

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    I hear you littlelara!!, completely understand where your coming from.

    I was watching the news tonight and the sports section wason and what they were reporting wasnt exactly right and i just started ranting at the tv, yesterday i was whinging to DP about his mum and everytime i talk on the phone to my mum i just want to hang the phone up as she says the most silliest things sometimes and i really feel like telling her so but reframe. I'm terrible when doing the food shopping, i move people trolleys out of the way cough loudly if they are in the way and at times i speak my mind out loud, DP shakes his head and tell me not to be rude but i just walk off. And OMG people who walk really slow have really gotten on my nerves recently. I feel like i'm always cranky.

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    i totally know what ur saying, i hate it, i have been sooooo grumpy latley its not funny.... The slightist things have been annoying me, sometimes just when a person talks to me i just feel like snapping back at them even though they have spoken to me nicely... I got grumpy and annoyed today when i was having my hospital visit and was driving out of the carpark when a 4WD came up next to me (i drive a Holden Commodore) so if course this thing was higher than my car, this lady seen the BIG puddle of muddy water right next to her so drove through it and splashed all on my car and inside my window aswell..... GRRRR it made me so angry.... But yeah i know what ur saying... i only have 3 weeks to go and everything is making me GRUMPY

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    Yep - last preg I had to completely stop phoning one of my friends as for some reason I'd always end up ****ed at her. No logical reason, I just got mad at everything she said.

    And yes, shop assistants pushed my buttons big time. I remember being in Coles with a huge belly and splints on my hands due to carpel tunnel, and the stupid girl put 5 liters of drink into one bag, so I said in a very loud voice, "Do I LOOK like I can lift that you bimbo?" I felt bad afterwards, but really...

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    Oh yep, this is me too! I am a combination of completely unreasonable and cranky and also tears at the drop of a hat. I am driving myself insane, let alone poor DH who just sighs and goes along with what I am ranting about. The oldies who take up the entire footpath drive me bonkers. Bloody phone calls from people you dont want to talk to. Family and friends insisting on christmas get-togethers when I just want to stay home and be grumpy. Every idiot telling me I'm getting big or waddling like a preggo (well, DER, that's what happens!) and thinking it is not insulting in anyway. GRRR I am getting cranky just thinking about it all.... Anyhow just wanted to say I know what you mean!

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    I totally feel you too....

    I have become a psysho monster.... to the point where i have told DH that if his sister comes to the hopsital to see baby once he's born i will not let her hold him!

    I can't stand his Mother.... she makes me feel like i'm 2cm tall at the moment!

    One of my bestest friends is driving me mad cause she has just been dumped, and i can't stand the "poor me" talk, and quite frankly would bite her head off if we spoke.... So avoiding it at all costs.

    I yelled abuse last night out the window at a old man who cut out infront of us on the highway whislt we were travelling at 100kms per hr! I would never normally.... and was shocked that i actually did it. He was a man in his 80's and probally didn't even see our car!

    I also said some not so nice words to a woman in the elavator last night.... she had a tolley. And it's late night xmas shopping so you can imagine how full the lift was. She decided to squeeze in at last minute! And in doing so totally pushed trolley into tummy! Boy did i hit the roof..... i think from memory it was "Can't you see i'm ****ing pregnant" she was very appoligetic, but i didn't have a bar of it and continuted to abuse her. "it's not like it's small, i'm about ready to drop.... use your bloody eyes" and so on.... needless to say she basically ran out of the lift and poor DH was so embarrased.

    So i'm hoping this gets better.... otherwise i will have people running in the opposite direction!

    Love Kirby

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    Yep me too, I call it the "Gentle to mental" stage.

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    "Gentle to Mental" - 2Please I love it. Littlelara I can relate entirely! I got on a train the other day and got hit in the stomach by a laptop bag and nearly ripped it off the guys shoulder and hit him over the head with it. Instead I mumbled a curse under my breathe. On same train (of course no one had offered me a seat despite the youth and agility of many of them ) a bunch of school boys got on to go one stop to their school and packed out an already full train. Well this time no mumbling - in full voice I declared them to be "lazy little [email protected]$#%&ds". My husband was laughing his head off - what else could he do. Oh and before I finished work I told a colleague to "^%&% off" just for asking a really normal question.

    Last pregnancy I turned from monster into europhoric earth mother in love with my baby and the world as soon as son born so here's hoping!

    Due new years eve so hopefully will not have to put up with any drunk revellers on the night.

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