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Thread: Labour Bag

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    Astrid - I agree with the others, I had a nice big chenille gown last time but I didn't take it. I don't think you really need one.

    I got dressed during the day so if I needed to wander around I looked respectable (and felt better for it too) and only wore my PJs at night.

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    Gosh yeah, I only wore my pjs at night, I took nice trackies etc for during the day.

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    Thanks for the feedback. If all goes well and I am up and about, then I will get dressed in comfy casuals for the day. If it goes bad and I end up with a c-section again, then I will not be up and about, so a dressing gown is useless. I can just put on an extra top in bed if I get cold.

    Just trying to take a lot less stuff this time, home is only 5 minutes drive away with reasonable parking at the hospital, so if I need anything it is not too hard for DH to go home.

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