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Thread: Labour Bag

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    Question Labour Bag

    I'm 36 weeks and still haven't packed a labour bag. Not too sure about what to put in it.

    With all you ladies that have had a baby before what did you find necessary and unnecessary?

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    HI Nina,

    Haven't had bubs yet, but i have just finished packing and the tips that i was given for the bag (along with the usual stuff)
    * Hair ties or hair bands to keep hair off face
    * Sports drinks for hydration
    * little snacks that are easy to chew and taste yummy (i have put apricot delight in mine)
    * wheat bag/heat pack if not supplied by hospital
    *massage oil/cream

    Hope this helps - i will be watching this to see what people really used - and i will repost and let you know what i used if i remember :P

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    I'm yet to pack mine also, I have written a list of what to pack but just haven't actually done it yet.

    I'm planning to pack the following:

    For me
    • toiletries (loofa, body wash, deoderant, toothbrush/paste, hairbrush/hair ties, moisteriser. Will wash hair at home so not taking shampoo).
    • maternity pads.
    • few pairs of trackies / pajamas.
    • loose fitting tops.
    • maternity bras.
    • my own pillow.
    • laptop and CDs for music during and after labour.
    • old undies. (clean of course, but ones that are going to get thrown out).
    • camera (still & video)
    • slippers
    • dressing gown
    • socks

    For hubby
    • Fresh boxers.
    • change of clothes (trackies & t-shirt).
    • deoderant
    • food & drinks (sandwiches, snacks, mug for coffee, stuff like that).

    For baby
    • Clothes & blanket to go home in (including mittens, socks & hat).

    *everything else for bub is supplied by the hospital I'm going to so I don't need anything but what it will go home in.

    I'm pretty sure that covers everything.

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    KNICKERS!! Lots of knickers !
    I put 3 pairs in and used them all!! And was only in for just over 24 hours!!
    PJ's.... I put 2 pairs of those in and used them both as the bleeding was heavy and got on them, just in time to get home.
    DEFINATLY the hair ties if you have long hair....
    CAMERA!! Dont forget your camera if you want to take photos... WE FORGOT OURS!!!
    I did pack snacks but didnt get time to eat them as far as pre labour and labour went... but for afterwards definalty pack some snacks... I found I was STARVING between allocated meal times!!
    Shampoo and conditioner... Its sooo nice washing your hair afterwards!! just dont have the shower too hot!! i did and nearly passed out as the blood loss was huge and my Blood pressure dropped massivly... Whoops! hehe.
    If you are going for a natural birth pop some old face washers in there.... I got 2nd degree tears so putting ice into a washer and sticking it my ample pairs of knickers was bliss!! he he he
    Sorry TMI!!
    Hope that helps and I didnt just have a massive ramble!! just woke up from a nap so thats my excuse!!

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    My thinking is, you never know what your labour will be like, or what you'll be in the mood for, so pack anything and everything - you might not use most of it, but you never know.

    I can post my list, but it's pretty big - I'm a 'just in case' kind of packer.
    Also, print out your list, and have where those things are in the bag (like, hair clips - side pocket) - so your birth partners aren't rummaging aimlessly for stuff.

    ETA: I've come back now the battery's charged to explain a few things! Since I have nothing better to do...apart from start packing my labour bag!
    I'll bold the things I actually used. You'll never know what you need though!
    (for labour, so was in one section)
    - Camera (and charger)
    - Lip balm
    - Dark comfy undies
    - Face washers
    - Snacks (food and juice/cordial) (DH used!)
    - Back massager
    - Nail scissors and file (I couldn't think of anything worse than being annoyed by a broken nail in labour, it's the little things that annoyed me)
    - Dh's bathers (waterbirth), spare jocks, clothes, deodorant
    - Hair clips/ties
    - Cooling spray/spray bottle for water

    (for after, so was in another part)
    - Pyjamas
    - Slippers
    - Dressing gown
    - More dark comfy undies
    - Maternity bras
    - Hairdryer
    - Maternity pads
    - Breast pads
    - Shampoo & Conditioner
    - Deodorant
    - Shower gel (amazing to feel fresh again after the birth)
    - Brush
    - Makeup (for all the 'new family photos, I don't quite look so zombie like!)
    - Tooth brush & paste
    - Hairties
    - Flushable toilet paper (just sooo awesome on a sore grazed tush! Had plenty for home too.)
    - Tissues
    - Books/magazines/music
    - Comfy loose clothes

    (for baby)
    - nappies/wipes/cream (if hospital doesn't provide, or if you like yours better)
    - socks/mittens (thought mittens would be dumb, but ours scratched himself heaps)
    - singlets/bodysuits (consider 000 as well as 0000, Riv was a big'un, the Target 0000 stuff fit, but he needed 000 in Bonds)
    - wraps
    - face washers/cloths

    Ah laptop battery about to die!
    Last edited by Nelle; February 20th, 2008 at 09:22 PM. Reason: I rushed the first time, cos of the battery!

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    Also, check out this article on the main BB site

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    I won't post all the obvious things like clothes and toiletries - that's you choice!! Lots of black undies are a great idea - buy a 6 pack from Target!! Take your own toilet paper - A MUST!!!! Much softer!!

    Check with your hospital about what they supply for baby. I took a few nice neutral outfits cause we were there for 5 days and didn't want her in their nighties all the time - on the other hnad they wash everything of theirs so that's a plus! My hospital supplied pads too but I had some of my own as well.

    Labour bag - I didn't use mine but I'm glad I had my bathers (for awhile) and savoys!!!

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    lots of bonds wondersuits!
    lots of undies for you

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    Thanks for the much needed info ladies.....undies seems to be the most important item....will be packing my bag today!!! Packed Bubba's yesterday!

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    Ooohh and I won't forget DF's bag either!


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    I just want to say dont forget to pack enough undies, different types...comfy ones...coz i had an emergency c section and had to send DH to the shop as wanted the high cut briefs and he ALMOST asked a little old lady for advice about undies just because when i was trying to explain the undies i wanted, i explained them as grandma undies. He then sent me about 15 pics on my mobile of different undies!!

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    I think everything is pretty much covered. The one thing I didn't bring and wished I had was a book. I had 3rd degree tearing and was so weak after I couldn't walk very well for a few days so I had to stay in the hospital 5 days. I tried to sleep as much as i could but there were times when Hubby was out, baby was sleeping, and I couldn't get to sleep and I was bored out of my mind! We live close to the hospital. and so i was able to send him home for clean clothes but I kept forgetting ot ask him to bring me a book or magazine or something.

    I brought CD's and they never made it out of my suitcase.

    What I used:
    - toiletries (shampoo, toothbrush and paste, a hairbrush, deoderant, lip balm and
    body lotion)
    - clothes (several pairs of PJ's and lots of undies, few pairs of socks)
    - slippers
    - my fleecy bathrobe
    - hairband/bobby pins to keep my hair out of my eyes
    - regular pads (I found the hospital ones were too bulky)
    - my breastfeeding pillow (sent hubby home for it as the pile of pillows they gave me kept slipping)
    - journal and a pen
    - camera
    - Book - wish I'd had one

    Everything else I brought went unused. (except of course the clothes and stuff I brought to bring baby home in)

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    I heard a good tip the other day...

    Pack some Ural to drink during labour (if you can stomach it!!) so that your pee is less acidic on your sore bits after bubs is born. I had never thought of this before but I'm definitely planning on packing some this time around.

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    Toilet paper!!!!! Soft and thick.

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    Other than what everyone else said:

    I used disposable undies, only needed one packet for a 4 day stay, but the padding in them was really good for after birth and you don't have to wash them, just throw them out later. Also I didn't end up with any blood on my pjs. (I used a pad as well).

    Don't forget bathers for hubby if he is going in the shower/bath with you or a change of clothes in case he gets wet pouring the water over you.

    All the best!

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    oh yes dont forget a change of clothes for hubby, my poor DH got soaked helping me in the shower and had nothing to get changed into.

    I didnt really use anything in labour, but undies is a definate need for after, plus pads and spare pj pants etc.

    dont forget to check what the hospital supplies for bub. some supply everything, others only whats needed for the first day.

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    Do you just mean LABOUR bag? If so then, here's some things to pop in.....

    Lip balm
    bottles of water
    hair ties
    swimmers for DH
    hot/cold packs if hossy doesn't provide them
    maternity pads, cos the hossy ones are crap
    clothes to wear after your shower
    outfit for bub, if you want s/he to have something special

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    With DS i never actually opened my bag at all.. LOL... and my labour was 12 hours.. hahaha.

    Hair ties are good
    Sports drinks
    Icey Poles (my hospital had some as i forgot mine)
    Wheat Bag (to be heated)

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