thread: Labour bag/Hospital bag? Do you pack one for each?

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    Question Labour bag/Hospital bag? Do you pack one for each?

    Hi ladies,

    Have started to pack my bag for hospital as we only have just over 3 weeks to go and was wondering if you need to pack 1 or 2 bags? Had heard people say that you need a separate bag for the delivery and one for when you are moved onto the ward. If this is the case, can any of you please advise me on what to pack in which bag? Don't want to end up packing things I don't need, or the wrong things in the wrong bag.

    Thanks in advance,
    Nita xxx

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    I packed just one bag to do both situations. I dont really use anything in delivery other than a hospital gown.

    I just packed the basics in my hospital bag -
    - lots of maternity pads
    - lots of breast pads
    - about 10 pairs of old undies
    - 2 nightgowns/night shirts
    - 3 daytime outfits
    - 3 maternity bra's
    - a book
    - camera
    - mobile phone and charger
    - slippers/socks
    - toiletries
    - my own pillow and breastfeeding pillow

    Dont forget to take baby a bag as well

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    I took one large bag, and within that I stashed enviro 3 bags.....

    1. For labour: snacks, cd's, books etc etc, as well as a big baggy t-shirt to labour in.
    2. For baby....000 Bonds suits, spare wipes etc etc
    3. For me for the hospital stay: knickers, pads, clothes etc etc

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    I had 2 bags.

    Labour bag: Snacks, clothes for DH, swimmers for me, drinks, heat bag, tissues, clothes to put on after birth

    Ward bag: My clothes, babies clothes, bathroom stuff, pads etc

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    I have been told to pack two bags. Labour one and hospital one. I'm just going to take the labour bag in until I've had bub and I'm on the ward then get DH to bring up the hospital bag and take the labour bag home.

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    Separate bags are a good idea - you can leave the hospital bag with your clothes and baby's things in the car so that when you arrive in labour you don't need a porter to carry all your stuff inside Otherwise DH ends up making two trips - one to take you in, and then another to go and get everything. If you have a small separate bag just for labour it's easier I think. No matter what else you want to put in that bag, make sure it has a couple of changes of bottoms (pants/shorts, and undies). Bottom halves tend to get messy with alarming regularity lol.

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    i have bubs stuff in his nappy bag, and a little suitcase thing for me, with a few enviro bags in there too!

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