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Thread: Is my baby's head engaged?

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    Default Is my baby's head engaged?

    Hi guys,

    I think my baby's head is engaged but im not quite sure, Im 34 weeks and i have this intense feeling of pressure on my vagina and inner thighs. At night I'm starting to get a real uncomfortable ache in my vagina and legs. A pillow between the legs isn't working anymore. Are these signs of engagement or are they something else?

    I've had these feelings lately that my baby will come about 37 weeks, how normal is it that your baby will come a couple of weeks early?

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    Sounds to me like he's engaged. I'm sure there are people who know more about it than me, though, and I hope they'll drop in here soon.
    I've heard babies can engage and "disengage" a few times before they're actually born, so the birth may not actually happen for a little while yet.
    Having said that, you would be considered 'term' from 38 weeks, so indeedy it could be a couple of weeks 'early'.
    All the best - what an exciting time, knowing you'll be meeting your little one very soon!
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    It does sound like your baby could be engaged but this does not mean that you will give birth early. But if your baby is putting enough pressure on your cervix then labour could start before 40 weeks

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