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Thread: My HIGH Cervix

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    Default My HIGH Cervix

    It seems that my cervix has been MIA since I fell pregnant! I lost touch with it in October 2007 and have been wondering ever since when it would return.

    Don't get me wrong, my cervix and I did not particularly have a close bond prior to this pregnancy, but it was rather nice knowing where it was.... much like the relationship a parent would have with a teenager.

    I know that they (cervix's) tend to head for higher ground when there is a baby hiding behind them, but my cervix has decided to head so far North that it can not be reached without a long distance call!

    I am trying not to think about how far out of reach my cervix is, but I just can not help it! I mean if it is ripening, should it not be migrating south? Does it need a map? Is it lost? How much longer should I wait before I send out a search party to find it?

    Any suggestions on encouraging it to come out of hiding would be greatly appreciated!

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    Finding it yourself might be hard. The cervix usually remains posterior until just before labour (for some women that's the week before, for others that's after days of prodomal contractions!) so not being able to feel it isn't a problemn as such.

    If you sit on the loo with one foot up on the seat next to your bum and try to curl round your bump, tilting your pelvis to bring the front of it (your pubic bone) forwards and up and slip 2 fingers in you *might* be able to feel it, but so much of that depends on your flexibility, the size of your bump and the length of your fingers.

    Don't worry about it too much, the BABY knows where it is, and no one else really needs to


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