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Thread: * Cervix Position After Ovulation

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    froofy Guest

    Exclamation * Cervix Position After Ovulation

    ok, i've read the cervix post (thanks snow!) and i found it to be very informative.

    the reason i am starting another post is that i was wondering, what position/firmness should your cervix be after ovulation, in the case of an oncoming period or if you are pregnant?

    i was reading on another site, that one pregnant woman felt her cervix b4 finding out she was pregnant, and said that her cervix was very high and very soft.

    of, course, i ran to the bathroom, and lo and behold, mine is so high and i've never felt it this soft!! (i've felt it at various times in my cycle, just not usually after ovulating)

    i was just wondering if this was always the case, having a high soft cervix in pregnancy, or does it vary? thanks in advance, cos i'm getting excited, but trying to get up hopes in case of dissappoinment, u know the drill!

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    paradise lost Guest


    um... mine usually hardens up and begins to come down as my period approaches, but i know in the days before u/s that a soft cervix was considered a good sign of early pregnancy...along with a bluish tinged birth canal and cervix (because of increased blood-flow to the area) so maybe you could get DP/DH to have a look?? 8-[

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    froofy Guest


    thanks hoobley! i've also done a search on this, while waiting for replies (obsessed? moi? lol), and found a lot of sites saying high and soft for pregnancy, am trying not to get too excited.

    oh, it also said that u shouldnt check at the point in the cycle that i did, in case u r pregnant, it could pose a risk of infection. DOH! wish i knew that b4 i did it.

    baby dust everyone!

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    paradise lost Guest


    I know what you mean about obsession!

    Don't worry too much, i'm pretty sure your cervix is shut tight if you get preg and the mucus plug will be starting to build up. In the old days they used to put 2 fingers in and push the cervix up so they could feel the size and firmness of the uterus, and it was common practise so it can't be so dangerous!

    I often think, you are okay to have sex, but not put your fingers there? What is DP supposed to boil his bits to sterlise them??LOL

    I think the area goes bluish at about 5 weeks preg. Also if you empty your bladder, lie on your back and press the fingertips of both hands down and in just where the hair begins, you may be able to feel your uterus from the outside. I can feel mine moving inside but not feel the actual thing with my hands (i'm not preg) but i think if you are preg it will feel a bit like a soft tennis ball....also i'm not the thinest so maybe that would make a difference....

    I've got everyhting crossed for you!!


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    froofy Guest


    thanks hoobley, i might cop a feel of my tummy when i go to bed tonight.

    i found this on beyond fertility:

    "When pregnancy occurs, the cervix will rise up and become soft, yet the os will remain tightly closed. This occurs at different times in different women. Some women may find that twelve days after ovulation their cervix will do this and is a probable pregnancy sign. Others won’t experience this until well after the pregnancy has been confirmed"

    i'm getting so excited, but trying not to. fiance is worried i'm getting my hopes up cos he hates how dissappointed i get when i have a neg. but he wants this just as badly as i do. but all i can say is, 'omg, omg!'

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    my cervix was quite soft before AF - and as you know I ended up pregnant.... so I hope that's a good sign. I was quite confused about it because I really expected it to go back to being quite firm.. but it didn't.

    So don't worry - I checked as well... when probably I shouldn't have.. but if you wash your hands before it should be fine. Mine wasn't high though, but maybe I checked too early. (as you know I tested 3 days before AF was due) and I haven't checked since then.

    Best of luck!!!!


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    froofy Guest


    thanks snow! yep, washed hands! also, like it's been said, men put 'things' in there all the time lol!

    ok, i'm sorry for all my histeria. i actually made a boo boo. i checked again to make sure, and discovered that i had hit the wall of my vagina last time, which is very soft lol! i rushed it the first time. on my second check, i worked out to be medium/medium.

    but i will keep an eye on it, after all, where tf is my period? hee hee

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    paradise lost Guest


    how late is af? Maybe you could test anyway?

    I just checked my source and apparently a high/soft/closed cervix isn't a definite sign until 6 weeks preg (SORRY) so it could be on its way up again!!


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    froofy Guest


    i have a 28 day cycle, although it's possible for it to be 27 at times , i THINK... you're right hoobley, i dont think it's over yet either!

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    paradise lost Guest


    Well! My cycle is 28-30 days (normally 28/29 but once or twice 31) and by day 28, even if AF hasn't arrived, my cervix is hard and low and the os is opening a little, so i still think this is very hopeful!

    Good luck!!!

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    I only have one months experience on this but it was true for me. The day I ovulated it was very high and then after ovulation (pregnancy), it was super high - at one stage you wouldn't know I had one LOL! But it all sounds to be right, go the high cervixes!!!
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    Hey Froofy,

    Just wanted to say GOOD LUCK!!! I hope you get a BFP very soon! :-)

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