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Thread: Pain During Dtd!!

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    Unhappy Pain During Dtd!!

    Hey Guys,

    Im currently 28 weeks and at about 25 weeks i noticed pain while dtd. I feel pain in my you know what, my breasts (nipples) and clittoris and the area above my pubic bone (tenderness).
    I was just wondering if anyone else had the same effects entering their third trimester?

    Sorry about the strange question but i was hoping anyone had any ideas?

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    Pain during or after sex can be a symptom of thrush which is pretty common in pregnancy so might be worth checking that out? I always seem to get thrush in pregnancy and the only symptom I have is VERY sore girly bits after DTD. Although, of course, thrush shouldn't course pain in your breasts or anywhere else...

    Is it a a kind of tingling pain? Becuase I guess it's possible that it's just your body releasing a hormone ****tail that makes those areas respond. For me (and many women) the letdown sensation caused by oxytocin would make my breasts and nipples really sting with a kind of tingling pain for the first few months of b/feeding - it was really very painful so I guess it could be that?

    Sorry I'm not much help - just a couple of guesses there for you. I would ask about it at your next appt just to be sure.

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    Maybe the pain is extra sensitivity? I find right after sex lately I can barely stand a stiff breeze moving across those places, but I guess my mind interprets it as being sensitive rather than pained.

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    Try different positions.

    Close your eyes if your sensitive I found at this stage being on top was not painful, might be something about control hehe.

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