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Thread: Perineal Massage?????TMI

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    Default Perineal Massage?????TMI

    Does anyone know anything about this? Has anyone tried it and do you think it made a difference. I have read a little on another site but I'm not quite sure. If you did it did you do it yourself or did you get dh/p to do it? :-k
    Love to hear from someone????

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    I would suggest getting DH/P to do it for you I did it myself during my pregnancy (only once or twice I think), but it is tricky to get around the bulge ikywim As the massage is done mostly internally I would recommend using a water based lube rather than a massage oil. If you do want to use an oil though a vegetable based oil should be fine. I remember something about being told to stay away from nut oils during pregnancy.

    It does take a while so make sure you set aside 30 mins or so. And as for whether or not it helps I can say as I ended up having a c/s with paris LOL!

    Goodluck! And they say the Perineal massage can be used as another form of foreplay during your pregnancy


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