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thread: Pregnancy Symptoms in the Third Trimester

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    noobie Guest

    third trimester

    So relieved to read that others are going through the same things, but also feel for you all too. No wonder we get a bit nuts.

    I think in the first trimester I felt crap every single day, the second trimester it was days of good and then days of bad, and now in the third trimester there are almost alternate weeks of opposing physical sensations- for days on end I can feel capable of running a marathon and have moved large pieces of furniture around the house (and back to their original position of course!) - - and then a week later and it's like being back in the first trimester -- trying to hide all-day yawning behind my computer is getting really hard at work and coffee doesn't seem to work on this kind of tiredness. Only 5 more work weeks to go ...yay! and then 4 weeks of lovely rest (I hope) before I really get to know what true sleep deprivation is when baby arrives.

    Had a freaky baby limb stretch waaaay out of my belly this morning which reminded me of a hatching scene from the Alien film. If anyone has seen the program 'Coupling' [sort of a UK version of Friends] you'll know what I mean about the pregnancy/Alien reference.

    -- Feathertop, I just read your message sig after I replied ... you've got an alien too!
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    noobie Guest

    hearing problems - ears ringing

    For about a week now I've had ringing in my ears. At first I was blaming the freezer in my house as I could only hear it when I got home, but now I can hear it at work when the office is quiet. We don't have a freezer in the office so it's definitely me. :-(

    I've found some info about a small percentage of pregnant women experiencing it. Has anyone else had it? Did it go away or get worse?

    I think I'll put up with it until after the birth and if it's still there afterwards get it checked out. ;-)

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    Registered User

    Aug 2007

    I'm glad that I'm not the only one who can't sleep for more than 1hr at night. I hate the fact that I lie on my left and my leg and arm cramps then I try to turn without being in pain. At night I think is when the worst of being pregnant happens. Thank God there is a beautiful present at the end of all this pain and discomfort. I wonder if men were pregnant they would cope as good as us women do. If you are pregnant with your first child or are already a mother I reckon we all deserve a medal. If you don't get praised for what you do praise yourself because you deserve it.

    James 2
    Baby due today

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    happymum2 Guest

    Hi everyone, I'm 32 weeks
    My biggie is varicose veins.....started off in my first pregnancy but this time they are really bad, they throb when I am not wearing my special support hose.
    Also incontinence (although Kegels are helping), snoring due to nasal congestion at night, farting, bit of indigestion.
    Can't walk very far....I started off 55kg and last time I checked I was already 71kg....and all the weight is only on my belly....
    the good thing is my skin is really soft and I look pretty healthy even on little sleep ( I have a toddler)

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    SueB Guest

    Wow when you list them down there are so many things i am suffering and i thought i was just paronoid LOL

    I have all but 5 of those listed but also have very RED palms... they don't itch or anything just very red , haha looks like i've been holding a handful of jaffas.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2006

    I am getting achy hips in the middle of the night/morning. So much so it is better to get up and then it seems to go. I feel like an old lady. Also itchy belly at times, hungry, thirsty, agitated with small things etc

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2007

    ok, at the moment i have 5 more slow crippling weeks left. and i've read what everyone else has had and or still got.
    here's my list:
    Swollen hands and feet ( doesnt matter what time of the day it is).
    Crusty nipples (i know its gross but it only happens occasionally)
    Calf cramps (ouch)
    Stretch marks
    Tiredness AND Insomnia
    The usual Cravings
    ALWAYS needing to pee
    Nasal congestion
    Itchy boobs
    Incredible thirst.

    and i think thats about it. dont get me wrong i love being pregnant, but ...

    oh, and constant moodiness.

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2007
    Brisbane, Australia

    The one that's bugged me most has been nasal congestion...I love my food and when you can't taste it because you have to breathe and chew at the same time...it's not cool.

    I'm getting achey around the hips and have started feeling mild bouts of nausea on the very odd occasion.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2007
    In my own little world.

    Hehehe, my turn for a little whinge.. always makes you feel better for a bit. I have sometimes or always:
    Swollen Hands + Swollen Feet sometimes ankles and calves too!
    Not being able to lay on back. Get that weird dizzy feeling if I do.
    Crusty Nipples. What is with that? Is it small amount of colostrum or is it extra body grease?
    Can't walk long distances
    Reflux to the point of surprise mini spews. Nice!
    Sore Hips
    Strech Marks
    Back Pain up near my shoulders. I think its from having humungus boobs. lol
    Round ligament pains (esp after resting) getting up in the morning is no fun anymore.
    Tiredness like I have only ever felt in the first trimester. Total fatige
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is far worse than usual.
    Nasal congestion
    Bleeding Gums
    Memory Loss
    Lower abdominal cramps mainly from incredible gas.
    Incredible thirst
    Wow, I didnt realise that I had so many!!! No wonder I am cranky sometimes. I think I should add emotional and moody to the list too. DH will aggree with that one!
    I am not coping too bad with it all though but am still looking forward to the end!!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Oct 2007
    Brisbane, QLD

    hahaha.. I love to complain at times.. But too be honest .. I had not really taken note of all the symptoms till I just read through all those lists. And found to have "enjoyed" a few myself. The sore hips of a night and into the morning are sure getting to me. With the Christmas shopping to do... AND IM USUALLY A SHOPPAHOLIC!! I cant do more than 2 hours before needing a GOOD break OFF my feet. SO SAD. Heartburn after every bite of food sure is a downer after a good meal out. The toilet and I have gotten to know each other soooo well that my friends are jealous.. hehe! But all in all.. im actually worried about how im going to deal with not being pregnant anymore.. not feeling those KICK in the ribs ect. HAHA

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    Registered User

    Jan 2007
    where cosmopolitans and margaritas flow all night

    period type cramping (irregularly)
    leaky boobs

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2006
    Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

    lol tascha, not having the usual stamina for shopping now will put you in good training for when your bub arrives, they prefer not to shop. I almost always forget something every time I shop now because ds turns into senior cranky pants when we walk into shops.

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    BellyBelly Member
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    Oct 2007
    North Lakes, QLD

    Ok here is my list:

    Swollen Hands (a little at times)
    Swollen Feet (only since 34 weeks)
    Indigestion (only since 36 weeks)
    Not being able to lay on back or tummy (havent done so since 1st trimester)
    Crusty Nipples (YES!!)
    Can't walk long distances (yup)
    Calf Cramps (OUCH!!)
    Strech Marks (dont get my started)
    Stitches (OUCH!!)
    Insomnia (I'm a newage zombie haha)
    Heartburn (only since 36 weeks)
    Frequent toilet visits (getting there)
    Belly button gone flat or popped (yes)
    Braxton Hicks (yes)
    Nasal congestion (a little)
    Dry Skin (yes)
    Restless Legs (yes)
    Memory Loss (good old PG brain haha)
    Lower abdominal cramps (YES!!)
    Constipation (a bit)
    Itchyness all over (yes)
    Sore hips (especially in the morning when i've woken up and tried to get out of bed)

    I think thats it for me

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    Jenstar Guest

    Current symptoms: constant sore tight belly to the side of my belly button, dry skin, itchy legs, less physically agile, weight gain, sometimes a sore ****sicks, excess wetness down there...

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    LorenP Guest

    more freckles and mole changes
    indigestion, indigestion, indigestion
    mince meat hands with numb fingers [aka carpal tunnel]
    6 point turns to roll over at night
    sore heels and swollen feet

    just to name a few more

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    kareng Guest

    I have also had a pain on my left side. My OB told me it could be the ligaments stretching.

    It's obviously a common problem, so I am going to stop worrying about it too much I think.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2008

    I have recently noticed lots of freckles on my neck and some mole/skin changes... I am going to relate them to the pregnancy, but if they are still weirding me out a few months after the birth I think I'll go get them checked out. I have olive skin, so don't have much problem with freckles usually, but on my mums side skin cancer is a bit of a problem!

    I think my main symptom of the 3rd tri is impatience/eagerness to meet my baby for the first time! Its all I think about, and cant concentrate on other (seemingly) insignificant distractions!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Apr 2008

    ive had cramps in my legs,
    really bad back pain i cant sleep on my sides or on my back even then it still aches alot.
    feeling sick at night.the doc said it is pressure from the baby on my stomach.
    ichy skin mainly my feet.
    braxton hicks
    dry skin
    going to the toilet lots
    mole changes and new ones
    leaking nipples

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