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Thread: reading ur share care booklet?

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    Question reading ur share care booklet?

    Hi everyone...

    Just needing some help on reading my share care booklet. I had a GP visit today, and the doctor said the baby is a pretty normal size which is good news as it increases my chances of vbac, and he said he was upside down, but didnt really say which way around he was, with lily she was posterior. So I am busting to know his every position, on my share care booklet my GP has written "C" for presentaion? and which bit tells you when your babies head starts to engage again?

    Also what does "Eng." stand for?
    and "FM"?
    and Oedema?
    and Liq?

    hmmm... it all means nothin to me, help! lol

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    According to my pregnancy record book C means Ceph - "unborn baby lying head down in the uterus" -- which is all good!!

    Oedema - "swelling of ankes, fingers or face"

    FM "fetal movement"

    Hope this helps - good luck with everything.


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    Eng - Engagement

    Liq - Liquor/Amniotic Fluid

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