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    Default Really sore belly

    For the past week or so I've had a continually sore, tightness feeling on the skin to the side of my belly button. It's really uncomfortable and gets worse towards the evening. It can't be braxton hicks as it's there all the time. Has anyone experienced the same or know what it could be?

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    It could be the skin stretching, I am finding I am getting pain at times around my belly button as it stretches. Has your belly button 'popped'? Mine is spreading out and getting much shallower.

    How bad is the pain? Is it just annoying or if it is unbearable, or worsens get it checked. If anything seems to be poking out that shouldn't be, like a lump or bulge get it checked too.

    I occassionally get bad stretchy pain on the lower right hand side, but it usually goes within a half an hour. It also depends how bub is lying.

    It would be nice if all these aches and pains and funny feelings came with a guidebook, but I guess it is preparing us for when we have a bub with no instructions.

    Hang in there and I hope it settles soon.

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    I'd actually say it's been more like 2 weeks and I have put it down to skin stretching but it's only on one side of the belly button and not both. Belly button has almost 'popped'. It starts off as mild pain in the morning and then by afternoon and evening it's quite bad. It's limiting my movement and ability to do certain things like bend down, cough or sneeze. I see my doctor for a routine check up this Friday so I will see if I can hold out till then. There's no lump or bulge.

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