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    Went to my hospital appt before, im 38 wks, they dont want to see me again till my due date in 2 wks time, praying that i dont have to go to that appt cause bub will be here.....
    I had a c-section with DD due to failure to progress.... Was in labour for 36 hrs... I had decided a while back that i would like to do VBAC this time.... But didnt want to be induced cause of the risks and stuff like that, now i know that they arent that high but dont want to take the risk... Now today at my appt the doc asked me if i had changed my mind i said i didnt know what i wanted to do now and was deciding if i wanted to be induced or not as i really want to try VBAC.... at the end of the appt i asked doc if i was to be induced when it would happen and he said that it would be at my next appt which is due date.... I said so if i come to my appt then and want to be induced can we do that, he said no and that it would be too late?? I was like what too late, how can it be too late, its not like there is a c-section booked for me.... I dont see why they cant just induce me if i have changed my mind which i think im going too.... Im just really scared about having another c-section cause i know my recovery will be longer than what it would be with a natural birth..... So if i do decide to be induced will they do? or should they as its my wish to do so..... I thought they would support me in any decision i make, but it seems like they arnt going too....

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    Don't know what to say really.... I jsut want to say your so close, and I know that after being induced once I don't want to try that again!!!

    I hope that you can come to a decision that your happy with and you will know what that is... Now I could have read wrong, but didn't the Dr say that if you were to be induced they would do it at your next appt? so I think that you should be able to make that decision then....

    Good luck

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    Muma - I think you need to call your doc and discuss your birth plan with them in more detail. Write down at which point you want to change to c ... out of curiosity, why planning an induction on your due date?

    Good luck !

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    hey hun

    its ok to feel a little scared...birth in any form is a powerful and awe inspiring event

    the risk of having a (repeat) c/s with an induction are definately increased with a your body and your baby is not quite ready for labor and birth

    have faith in your body and go with your heart...and dont feel pressured into having a c/s just because it is your due date...the risks of uterine rupture are minimal with no intervention, but increased with every intervention that you have (breaking waters, synto drip etc)

    it is normal to feel very emotional and unsure at this stage...endorphins kicking around your system making it hard to concentrate and feeling very overwhelmed with being pregnant. Plus on top of this having a previous unexpected birthing event...dont be fearful

    my first birth was not great and I worked very hard in my 2nd pregnancy to let go of my fears associated with 'will it happen again'...I was emotional and just let it all out...and felt an amazing calm the day before I met my baby

    sending you hugs :hugs:

    xx yogababy

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