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    Silly Worries

    Hi All

    Lately I seem to be experiencing silly worries that i find hard to shake off. I worry something will hapen to the baby or DH or even me. How do you stay on track on not let yourself think about these things?

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    Nov 2007

    That used to happen to me all the time! Strangely enough, as soon as I started to think of them as 'actual' worries, rather than silly worries, I was able to deal with them a lot better.

    What exactly do you mean about these worries? Are they random, like 'I hope DH doesn't have an accident on the way to work' or are they more specific? Is there anything you've stopped, or started doing that could explain the mood change?

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    Hi Macca,

    I posted about this exact thing on a different forum!
    I've been anxious that the bub survive the whole way through the pregnancy which is pretty normal - but of late I've had real panic moments that something will happen to DH. It's random. Sometimes he goes out cycling or whatever and I'll just have a really intense fear that he'll be killed by a car or ...anything really.

    I worry about stillbirth too.

    Anyway I thought I was a little nuts until I found out it's pretty common for women in pregnancy to suffer these fears! I agree with the PP that it is good to acknowledge them as a real fear - not 'silly'. It's not silly to be super aware of what you have, and need/want your family to stay intact for the baby. That's real.

    Helps to think of it in a way that is just sheer appreciation for those in your life i think, rather than terror that they will leave us somehow - though sometimes it still grips.

    I hope this helps. It really does seem to affect a lot of us. Make sure you talk to someone if it's getting too much or you start changing your behaviour because of your fears.


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    Thanks for the advice. It is good to know that I'm not the only one who experiences these things. At times the worries are very much a real concern that I experience. It's trying to find ways that calm me that I struggle with. In truth I had not thought to think of them as 'real' worries as I find others dismiss them as silly or just part of being pregnant. It's good to know I'm not alone.
    Thanks again girls.

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    Hi Macca, I'm feeling the same way. I finished work on Friday so am now officially on maternity leave- woo hoo. But it seems that now that my mind isn't occupied with work, I'm feeling heaps more anxious. Anxious about the bub, our finances, how everything is going to change, how will I cope, etc!!!! But mainly worried about the bub. What I am trying to do is say affirmations to myself whenever I get a little panicky. I say things like- Baby is fine. Baby is happy, healthy & strong. Baby is perfect, whole and complete. Baby grows perfectly. I just repeat it over & over again.... Seems to help, especially at 3am in the morning when I can't get back to sleep! Oh, & if anyone else knows about energy tapping- that seems to work as well : )

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    I get a bit anxious over nothing and also very small things.

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    I tend to be a worry wart at the best of times but since being pregnant I'm much worse. Especially bad as the pregnancy progresses. I worry about all sorts of things that are so remote or completely out of my control.
    I am a big believer in the power of positive thinking so I try to concentrate on something good rather than bad. EG: instead of thinking "we might not have enough money" I try to think the positive " We will have enough money for what we need."
    Sometimes people are trying to be positive but are actually reinforcing the negative by their thoughts.
    EG: thinking "I mustnt forget to take the camera to the hospital" is actually reinforcing the "forget" and will help that to happen. So you should try to think "I must remember to take the camera to the hospital" and that way you are encouraging the energy to focus on the "remember" part. YKWIM???
    I reckon if you can do this then you feel you actually have a bit more control over what happens rather than just sitting back and hoping everything will be ok.
    And also, if you are finding it a worry then it is a real and valid worry for you, not a silly thing at all and you should acknowlege it as being important enough for you to think about and deal with. That way you can say to yourself that you have done something about it and feel free to put it behind you. If you just dismiss it as being silly, it might just resurface and let you worry about it all over again till you do deal with it.
    Hope that helps a bit, sorry if I sound a bit full on but I have spent lots of years dealing with this kind of thing in my own head and I dont want any one else to have to muddle through it all by themselves! Its best to get it out there and over with I reckon!!!

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    Sazza - have you by any chance read or seen "The Secret"? Great advice everyone

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    Actually I have but I came across this line of thinking before seeing the tv show or reading the book. I think I first got it from a book called "how to be happy, dammit" . Great title. lol. It was great confirmation though, the secret I mean, on what I had been working on; puts it all in a format your brain can work around.

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