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Thread: Think I've Had A 'show'

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    Question Think I've Had A 'show'

    Hi all,

    well with about 8 days to go now I think i've had a show. Not really sure though. Please correct me if any one thinks that i could be wrong/over reacting. Sorry if there TMI.

    Anyways was having a shower washing myself and happened to look down on the tiles and to me what appeared to look like a small amount of my mucous plug - about the size of a 10 cent piece, was like an egg white blob in colour not really thick but not really thin either and was not blood stained.

    Could this be start of things to come or would it be just an increase in CM?

    Many thanks

    Regards Bec[/SIZE]

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    I'm not sure. My show i had with my first was blood stained and i had c/s with the other 2 so not sure..

    It could be and I hope it is

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    Bec - My SIL had a lot of mucus come away for about 3 wks before her bub was born. Her mucus was quite thick and white. She actually had a bloody show a couple of hours before she went into labour.

    I have heard that you can start to lose your mucus plug weeks before you give birth. HTH

    All the best

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    For me, I've been losing my mucus plug for about two weeks already. It is a gradual lost though... stringy mucus... today, I noticed that I am losing more of it but slightly blood stained...

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    Mine I lost mine in two goes with DD1. Called the Doc & he said it still could be up to a week away yet. It started that night thankfully as I was already a week over due. But thats what it sounds like to me.
    I had alot of mucous loss in the last weeks with DD2, but it was white only, no blood, so I don't think that was a show. The show had blood & was a bit different colour, it was more grey I think. TMI I know.

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    Sounds like part of your plug to me. Doesnt' mean that labour will start immediately as you can lose your plug in bits and pieces, and also a week or more before you go into labour. Having said that, theres no hard and fast rule. You could already have given birth. Good luck!

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    yes the exact same thing happened to me the day before DS was born

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    I just had a show.... I think I lost most of my plug because it was a big glob of blood tinged thick mucous when I wiped myself. Sorry, if it's TMI... At least, I know I am closer to the big day! YAY!!!

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    hopefullmum2b Guest


    Thanks everyone for your replys so far; I'm still waiting for my little man to arrive although he has been quiet last few days not so active. He can take his time though as i'm just finalising all of his clothes - washing them and ironing them etc. But my bags are pretty much packed and my mum is on standby to have the 2 step kids if anything happens during the middle of the night.

    Thanks again everyone

    Take care everyone and good luck to those of you who are due to give birth any day now.

    Regards Bec

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