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Thread: very emotional pregnant lady here!!!

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    Hi Natalie, Zantac is actually recomended by most obs and mw's these days and does not require a script, you can get it at safeway!

    The extra strength is not recommended, but the general one has been recommended to all of my pg friends by both mw's and ob's.

    Hope I didn't offend, but just thought you'd like to know.

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    you certainly did not offend me Mel

    I am a little shocked that it is so readily available to be honest

    last time I heard it was a script only drug (this was about 6 months ago)

    are we talking about the same drug Zantac aka Ranitdine?

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    Hi Natalie

    Yes Zantac aka Ranitidine is available OTC. Small packs are available at supermarkets. It is amazing what you can buy at supermarkets now. I do reccomend that Kate speaks to her Dr or pharmacist to decide if Zantac is the most appropriate treatment for her.

    On the pelvic pain - sit down to put on shoes, get dressed, don't put too much weight on one leg. Avoid leg lifts and anything that hurts

    Hope you are feeling better today

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    Smile thanks

    thanks everyone for all your help, i really appreciate it. I would have replied earlier but i have been in hospital since doing the post! Just got out today. So im glad to be home with the family after 3 days. Just testing for help syndrome as i had it with my last and was showing symptoms. all is well, just waiting out rest of pregnancy now to see how far i can get. thanks again for all the support, i really do appreciate it. take care all. xxox

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