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Thread: Vigorous movements!

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    Default Vigorous movements!

    I envy all you pregnant ladies, you get to experience labour and have beautiful new babies that smell like babies and all that lovely stuff!

    Anyway, I was just reminising about when I was in the 3rd trimester with my DD, and I remember that sometimes she would go NUTS with her movements! Like there would be limps protruding from inside my bump, my tummy would wobble everywhere and it felt like she was just going hell for leather, iykwim?

    Do any of your bubs do this? I thought it was so cute when I could actually see a foot or an elbow sticking out of my tum, though it's hard to tell what's what

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    Yep, happens to me every night, usually between 6-10pm (not continuously) I also get shooting pain in my ?cervix ?vagina walls at this time too cos of the movements.
    DH watches in facination.
    'Cant see any actual body parts, but i know what is what, and i think bubs is going to take after DH and havebig feet LOL

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    Yes, everyday at various times, my stomach just looks like has a gremlin in it that is having a sugar rush and is just going berserk LOL I love it though and yes it's great when they stretch their legs or arms out and you see a lump protruding from the side of your belly, I am going to miss it all very much especially since this will be my last.

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    Happens to me quite regularly too! I agree with Sharon - reckon I'll miss it after the birth... feels special and I love seeing it roll around

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    I think our baby is fairly placid. I get a lot of movement and sometimes it goes on and on and on but it's mostly more like stretching and not many sudden jerks or crazy rolls etc. I get a foot sticking out sometimes though

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    Oh yeah, my bubby is a real little mover and groover. Especially in the late evening when I'm lying in bed watching tv. I can see little bubs body under my skin moving around and giving lovely big kicks out on my right hand side, except they aren't so lovely lately as they really hurt sometimes! When they hurt I have to get on all fours or stand and walk around to just settle things down a little! It feels as though a little hand or head is going to come out down below sometimes the movements are that strong!
    I absolutely love it though and am very excited at meeting our precious bubs soon but am trying to enjoy every last minute of being pregnant as I remember how much I missed it after I had DD.
    I get so sick of people saying "oh you poor thing, you must be so over being pregnant, how long have you got to go?" Arrgghh! I just reply usually by saying "no, I feel great and it's not long now". One lady today (who I've only just met) asked me when I was due and couldn't believe I was still pregnant as she thought I was ready to pop at the end of last year and felt I have been pregnant forever! Yeah well it does take nine months, and I'm loving every minute of it - was what I should've said, but I was speechless. Doh! Sorry to use your thread to have a whinge, just needed to vent!
    Me 32 DH 29
    DD 3 years
    EDD 23/3/08

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