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    ~Belinda~ Guest

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    Hi Everyone

    Just wondering what you all are taking at the moment during the last trimester of pregnancy? Sometimes I feel like a pill factory as I take 1 x Elevit, 6 x raspberry leaf tabs (1800mg) and 2 x Fish Oil caps (2000mg) per day. The fish oil makes me nauseous sometimes too.

    Just interested.

    Love B xx

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    im taking iron x 2, blackmores x 1 and about 8 x raspberry leaf. know how you feel - sometimes getting down all those tablets is hard!

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    yeah true, its hard to swallow those RLT, i am more a capsule person! glad i'm not alone in this pill taking! how many weeks PG are you Beccas?

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    I'm taking 1 x Elevit, 4 x fish oil. They're the size of horse pills!!!

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    They are big aren't they!

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    at the moment i've got, 1 elevit and 1 vitamin D... soon to add the RLT!

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    cool, i am on 3 x RLT twice a day so 1800mgs....will increase that to 2700mgs (another 3) at 36 weeks!

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