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Thread: What are some good labour snacks to pack?

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    Oh no its in fridge the fruit and bought fresh stuff often as been checking it... wouldnt just leave fruit in my labor bag as knew its not cool and fresh for starters and would get sguidgy and all over mine and babys things lol! Iv got fresh stuff today... im on to it already got it all prepared!! and thought of it all!!

    laura xxx

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    On my list i have;

    icy poles

    I might end up taking more as the thought of labouring without food sounds impossible to me! Oh I just remembered, a midwife at JHH recommened pureed fruit like apple sauce, yuck!

    A friend of mine who had a baby recently said to take bendy straws for drinks as your partner can pop them into your mouth easy without interupting you! Sounds good.

    My DP's sister only wanted fruit bat shaped jelly lollies in labour. When she ran out she sent her DP to buy more and he couldnt find them so he bought back snakes instead, BAD IDEA! LOL!! Boy did he cop it!

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    We werent allowed food by our midwife.

    But i bought food for DH as i didnt want him ducking down to the shops for food just in case it all happened quickly.

    I packed:
    sakata rice crackers
    Pump water bottle

    When the contractions stared getting serious at home i made myself some soup (just the canned stuff) at 5am and scoffed that down while talking to the midwife on the phone and contracting.

    I'm so glad i did because i had nothing else after that for the next 24hrs. When i did deliver Ella i got a chewy cheese sandwich *joy*

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