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    Default Comfort food Classics...

    I made some classic comfort food for dinner tonight and my kids scoffed it as usual (they have a thing for comfort food it seems) and I was just wondering what some of your fave recipes are...

    Tonight we had:

    Corned Beef - Cooked in the slow cooker with 2 TBS brown sugar, 2-3 dry bay leaves, a splash of balsamic and 1 cup of water. It was frozen so I cooked it on high for 3 hours and then low for 5 hours (with rest time of 10 mins on a board covered with foil... this stops it from crumbling when cutting).
    Cabbage - Boiled in saucepan with cold water & salt (cooked for 20 mins). Then drain and toss some butter through it.
    Mashed Spuds (however you like).
    White Sauce - About 2 hours before finishing time I take out about a cup or so of the liquid in the slow cooker, this helps it to caramalise on the outside. I set aside the liquid to make the sauce. In a saucepan I melt 50 g butter, and then add about 2-3 tablespoons of flower. Cook off for a minute or so then slowly whisk in the reserved liquid from the slow cooker. Then once thickened slowly add some milk (as much as you like, we probably had about 2 cups) but add it slowly as you can always add more if you need it. Then I add some cracked pepper and some chives (we use the tubed stuff that you squeeze out, so about a tsp). Then cook till thickens and set aside and reheat when ready to serve.

    The kids couldn't get enough. And this was definitely one of the best white sauces I've made. And I'm sure it had to do with the fact it I use balsamic & brown sugar in the slow cooking process. An Irish Classic... that I LOVE!

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    Amelia Guest


    I would say my all time comfort food meal would be Pumpkin Soup followed by my god mother's Roast Chook with roast vegetable salad and her gravy!!!! YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I am going to have to call her and say we are visiting so she can make it....Lol!!!

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    Right, that's it, I'm coming over for dinner...

    Almost anything done in a slow cooker, lasagne, chocolate self saucing pudding, cauliflower and cheese, creme brulee, rare steak and mashed potatoes, gnocchi when I can be bothered making it and mangos in season would have to be top of my comfort food list. And Cai, I haven't had corned beef for years but you've inspired me, your recipe sounds wonderful!!

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    Chicken snitzel, mashed potatoes, baby green beans and gravey yummo!! Chocolate self saucing pudding with ice cream, mmmm now I want pudding!!

    Cailin, I love cabbage with butter, but with some bacon mixed in too. I cook it all together in the pan with a tiny bit of water, yumyum!

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    Dh and I were just reminiscing about comfort food over dinner tonight
    A few faves

    Bangers, mash and gravy
    Corned beef and white sauce
    Lemon pudding
    Salmon Patties
    Macaroni Cheese
    roast,veg and gravy

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    it's roast lamb with veges for me.
    The lamb in the slow cooker with some rosemary and the veges in the oven.
    I like to roast some garlic and then make gravy with the juices from the slow cooker and the garlic mashed into it - drools.

    mangoes - served with sticky rice and cocnut cream if I can be bothered
    watermelon in giant chunks so it dribbles everywhere (I'm a messy eater lol)
    bangers and mash

    now I feel hungry...

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    Anything my mum used to make...

    stuffed cabbage rolls (meat and rice), stuffed capsicum (meat and rice) in a rich tomato sauce.

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    I'm hungry after reading all of these yummy suggestions.
    I love corned beef with mash and white sauce. We never have it though as DH doesn't eat it.
    Another comfort food for me is creamy mashed potato with a blob of butter of lots of black pepper. Again, DH doesn't eat mashed potato! lol
    Faves in this house when we're looking for comfort food are:
    Chicken, mushroom & spinash risotto (nice and cheesy!)
    home made chicken parmas and veg
    roast lamb and crispy roast veg with lots of gravy
    apple crumble (homemade with lots of crumble!) with cream or icecream.

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    Cai, thats exactly how I make my white sauce! Love it with lots of fresh parsley in it too. Corned beef would have to be my favourite comfort food but slow cooked lamb shanks come in a pretty close second.

    On the sweet side, my nan's home made apple pie with lots of cream!!

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