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Thread: Family meals for freezing

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    Default Family meals for freezing

    I am struggling to do meals for tea in the arvo due to pg and 3 ch. Thought when I am able to do extra could put some in the freezer for those days that I am not up to it instead of buying take away!!! And also to prepare for when bubs comes too.

    Would love some tried, easy recipes that are good for family and for freezing.

    Thanks so much for you input.

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    not recipes as such but just ideas

    what about good old spaghetti bolognese (the sauce anyway)
    beef strog - I cheat and use a packet mix
    apricot chicken
    a good hearty stew

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    We always make big batches of spaghetti, chili and lasagna for freezing. I've also done shephard's pie, stew, chowder, and cabbage rolls. I also like to buy pre-cooked hamburger patties and buns, and keep them in the freezer for REALLY fast and easy dinners when I'm just too tired to cook anything.

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    I made up a heap of meals for when Bub is here coz I know I wont feel like cooking.
    I made up the chicken tonight jar sauces and a heap of the maggi/continental meals in the sachet/packet, some spag bol and some soup.

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    What Jaspen said!

    Apricot chicken and spag bog freeze beautifully

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    I freeze a lot of meals when I can. I just dont have time to be cooking during the week but I still want to eat healthy meals and save money by not buying take-away. Here is a list of things that I do quite regularly.

    Chilli con carne
    Good ol spag bog & pasta (I even freeze pasta, I freeze everything, including the cheese on top so all I have to do is nuke it in the microwave)
    Stir-fry (vegies & meat)
    Tuna pasta bake
    Soups - vegie, minestrone, leak & potato

    Really, I reckon you can freeze just about anything. My standby for fast freezer food for when I cant be bothered cooking is fishfingers. I whack them into toast, add mayo and lettuce and reckon it tastes just like a McFish burger!

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    I have just got into using my slow cooker (SC), and there are many other ladies here who swear by theirs, and often make meals in the SC to freeze. If you have or get a big SC, then make big amounts, so that you can freeze the left overs of each meal.
    Steamed white rice, if it is somewhat dried out before it is put in the fridge, will keep for sometime, and is easy to reheat, either in a big lot or on plates.
    I make chicken pieces in mild Indian jar sauces, with enough to freeze.
    I agree with others on bolognese and soups to also freeze.
    We sometimes have the oven pieces of fish, and serve it with the Continental type pasta mixes which has a heap of vegies thrown in. That meal takes about 30 minutes, and maybe your Man can help (its pretty easy, in case he's not kitchen confident!).
    Hmm, can't think of anything right now!
    To be honest, most days I can't be bothered cooking tea come the afternoon, so I have found the SC to be a tremendous help. I put it on in the morning, or by about lunchtime (I always plan for dinner on the table at 6pm), and all else that has to be done is rice or pasta, or something like that. It has helped me a lot!

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    Thanks for the tip. We have a slow cooker but have not used it as much due to dd#2 being a fussy eater. Meat done cassarol or s/cook style she struggles to eat. This has put me off, but I must try again.

    Thanks and keep the ideas coming.

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    I do a pasta bake. Basically beef mince, pasta can of tom's vegies (corn, carrots,peas brocolli)
    Boil pasta. Brown mince and onion add herbs and garlic if you like. Add tom's carrot then rest of vegies. Put in baking dish mix pasta through then top with cheese. Cook in oven til cheese browns. My DD loves it and it is not to messy when DD decides she wants to feed herself. Feezers really well.

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