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Thread: Healthy Lunch ideas for SAHMs

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    Fraser Guest


    I have become addicted to this stuff my mum used to make when I was little - I have it on toast or biccies or on its own

    Cottage cheese
    chopped up apple
    raisins or sultanas or currents or dried apricots or dried prunes or dried figs

    mix it all together

    It's really great and I am pretty sure it's healthy!!

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    mmm, I do the whole nuked potato thing too. Might do that after this post. I usually have them split in half with butter, thinly sliced cheese so it melts, and black pepper. Sticking them in the microwave is also a good shortcut to roasting them, when they are just done, cut them up into normal roasting size, then fry up in some hot oil, herbs and stock powder to make them crispy. Its a fave in this house, along with small pieces of bacon if we have any.
    Left overs like bolognese go well heated up, then spooned on to bread, topped with cheese and under the griller.. So does tinned spaghetti, baked beans, all that...
    If I'm home, often I'll have fish finger, hot sauce and cheese sandwiches.
    When I'm out meeting the Man for lunch at those terrific industrial lunch shops, I like (as long as I'm not feeling sick!) a hot roast beef and gravy roll, with cheese and hot mustard, sometimes with fried egg. That's not a pg food either, I have that anyway!

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    maddy138 Guest


    Banana sandwiches - yum!

    My favourite lunch at the moment is turkish bread rolls lighted grilled then spread with hommus, advocado, sliced tomato, mesculin lettuce, little bit of mayo, sliced olives, sliced tasty cheese and leftover cooked chicken if I have any. I also like making BLTs with chicken and advocado.

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    Oooooh BLTs! I love them too. Can't believe I forgot to add them. They are probably my fave.

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    Kel, i had to start eating Burgen bread when I had to change my whole diet cause of insulin issues (Hypoglycemia) I have a book on low GI foods and have to follow it as strictly as possible or I feel terrible
    I LOVE their pumpkin seeds bread, the very thought of eating any other bread now is gross.

    I usually eat left overs for lunch or soup. I've never really been into sandwiches

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    I too am a toasted sandwich fan.

    Ham, cheese, tomato
    Cheese, tomato, avocado
    Tuna, cheese, spinach

    Most of the time, I just make up some kind of salad and put a tin of tuna or salmon through it.

    I also love leftovers. I try to make extra the night before so that I can relive the joy the next day.

    Today, I cooked some rice and while that was boiling, chopped up spinach, avocado and grated some carrot. When the rice was cooked, I stirred through a packet of salmon with lime and cracked pepper along with the vegetables. I then added a tablespoon of soy sauce and a tablespoon of sweet chilli sauce.

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    I had a great idea last night, tried it, and it taste great!!!
    Am not yet a SAHM, but, i like to take my lunch to work, to save money, but, i dont like really having leftovers - big listeria fear that i got instilled into me. Which means what i have for lunch is a huge drama. But, i will cook something at night, and eat the next day, but no longer then that...anyways...just dribbling now.
    But, yesterday, at the shops i brought one of those pasta packs in the cold section, with like spinach/feta, cheese/bacon type fillings. I got the beef/tomatoe one, that serves 2.
    I split the pack into 3, froze the other 2 serves, and with the remainder, cooked it up in water. When the pasta was nearly done, thru in a handfull of small frozen veges, (i used brocolli). After it was all cooked, i chucked in a couple of diced mushys, and a tin of tomatoe with garlic & basil. Heated it all up at work today, and it was really nice. Surprising so.

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    I had a nuked Jacket potato today with sour cream some melted cheese and some bacon....mmmm was so tasty.

    I have recently started making my own Sushi, as I am totally addicted to it- very delicious.
    Another good one is some pasta, with either fresh or tinned tomatos, mushies etc maybe some bacon or ham and a sprinkling of cheese.
    I love to make an omelette for lunch sometimes with heaps of stuff in it, mushrooms, tomato, spring onion.
    DH makes a really nice dip that is sardines in Tom sauce, with a bit of extra tom sauce a finely diced red onion all mixed together, it is yummy on toast, or with veggies or rice crakers and very healthy too.
    On the weekend we make up antipasto plates with whatever we have in the fridge, boiled eggs, tuna, cheese, ham, veggies etc- often we will buy a loaf of fresh bread for lunch ont he weekends too.
    Something that you can make ahead of time is mini egg and bacon pies in muffin tins, and freeze them. They are so simple cut out some puff pastry to fit in your muffin tin, chop up some bacon and tom and onion, beat up the eggs with a little bit of water and some herbs, put it all into the pastry in the muffin tin and bake int he over to egg is set. Really yummy and healtheir than quiche.

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    Thought I'd bump this thread as I sit here eating my 2 min noodles for lunch

    I'm a full time SAHM again and can never think what to have for lunch - it's even harder when prg because of the 'can't have' listeria foods.

    A recent fave to add to my list is jasmine rice cooked in the mircrowave with flavoured tuna (usually tomato & onion) and grated cheese stirred through. Add some salt & pepper to taste and it's really quite yummy! I'd eat this every second day if I could but have to watch my fish intake.

    Another fave at the moment is tin spagetti on multigrain toast...yum!

    Any other ideas?

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