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Thread: Mini Pizzas

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    Default Mini Pizzas

    I had to babysit my nephews today, and had to find something for them to do. So we made mini pizzas using the bread maker to make the pizza dough and they put their own toppings on it. They had a ball because they had their own little pizzas and didnt have to share like when they get big pizzas.

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    mmm pizza *drool*

    That's a great idea Sal, would have kept them entertained for sure!

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    Enchanted Guest


    Great idea

    Also if you don't want to make the pizza base yourself.... pita bread works just as well. Not as doughy of course but still yummy!

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    We use our breadmaker too to make pizza Paris refuses to eat pizza anwywhere but home LOL

    Also english muffins work well too! Great for kids
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    I second the English muffins, 'cause I'm too lazy to pull out the breadmaker (and too slow, by the time lunch is coming around!). Another tip is to use the cheddar cheese slices you can buy to place on top, melts all over the vegies, etc, underneath and holds it all together a bit better.

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    mmmmmm.... I might have pizza the next few days yet!!

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    i often make mini pizzas with muffins.. tomato paste, ham and cheese.. boring i know but soo yummy!

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    Oh, thanx 4 that KRYSTAL BALL !!!

    I'm gonna try em for my 20mth old daughter Cendrine : )

    Hey, I noticed your daughter was born in May 06 like my daughter (tho she was born on the 6th of May 2006).

    Did you kno there is a thread on here with Mum's who had their bub's in May '06.

    I only found it recently and they are just absolutely SUPER these ladies : )

    Sorry, I'm not much of a computer buff so I don't know how to get you there but if you go into my profile and check my posts you will find it.

    Of course that's if your interested !!

    By the way, might sound dumb ... but do you "make" the actual muffins and if so could you PLEASE let me know a suitable recipe for the lil one's ??

    Cheers from LORELLE

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    i use Aldi muffins! as a matter of fact i just went to the supermarket and bought some shredded ham and mozzaella cheese thats will do me and Krystal for dinner tonight! its too hot to eat a big meal, and krystal is sick with a virus, so she doesnt have an appetite anyways!

    i always forget to check that thread, ill go say hello

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