thread: Pies and Sausage Rolls

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    I cheat....

    Meat from 1 bbq chicken (not the skin or stuffing)
    1 leek chopped (steamed in microwave steamer for 1-2 mins)
    equal amount of finely chopped celery (in with the leek)
    1 440g tin cream of chicken soup
    1 300ml lite sour cream
    1-2 puff frozen puff pastry sheets (get them out to start thawing before you mix the rest).
    1 egg beaten to brush pastry

    Mix together first five ingredients in mixing bowl (or a sauce pan over a gentle heat if you want to cut down oven time).

    I split this mixture between 4 heatproof casseroles about the size of a chinese bowl. Two go straight in the freezer. Or I put it in one 20cm casserole/deep pie dish.

    Then I get 1-2 sheets puff pastry and cover the individual pies or big pie. For the individual ones I use one sheet cut in four squares to cover two pies. I put the first square on - egg wash and then put the next square on at 45 degrees - so I get a good seal and a sort of 8-pointed star dropping down around the sides. For the big one I just put one whole or two whole sheets on depending on how much puff we feel like.

    bake in moderate to hot oven for 20-25mins (individuals) or 25-35mins (big pie) until nicely brown and puffed.

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    Oh yay - that 1st recipe was mine...........it really is fabulous!!!!!!!! U'll love it. I'll be giving yours ago too Kar