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Thread: Potato and Pumpkin

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    Default Potato and Pumpkin

    What are some ideas i can do with potato and pumpkin besided mashed?

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    roasted, sauteed with garlic and butter (and other herbs)

    i also make whati call a vege pie (not really a pie though) with pumpkin, potato, cauli, broccoli, carrot, peas and corn, and i put a white cheese sauce through the whole lot. sprinkle some paprika on, makes a really nice side dish...

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    Yep. The potato bake in this forum is also really nice when made with both pumpkin and potato.
    You could also roast & puree them and make a pie.

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    Mum makes a really nice potato and pumpkin soup, sometimes she adds some curry while she sautee's the potato and pumpkin (and cooks it in milk for a different taste... very yummy

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    Mix them together and add cheese, garlic, some chives maybe. My granny used to make this and we called it tucker. But I spice up the mash by adding the things that I listed. I've never done it but yuo could saute some bacon pieces and put that through it too.

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    Fraser Guest


    My mum used to make potatoes that we called 'Idaho Potatoes' - don't know why

    basically it's just a potato in foil with a wedge of butter on top and some salt and pepper cooked in the oven and then split open with Philly cheese and chives put inside

    Has to be chives not spring onion. I guess it's kind of like Praties (do you guys have Praties?)

    I just call it a jacket potato now - but we used to get pretty excited when we knew mum was cooking 'Idaho potatoes' ........ :biggrin:

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    mmmm sounds yummy Fraser!!

    Another dish is similar to that ones, but i cut the potatoes in half after cooking them in the oven, scoop out the potato so the skin is still intact, and mash it quite thickly. i dollop it back into the skin, add some cheese on the top (or anything else you might want to add, sometimes mum adds bacon and/or ham through the potato as she's mashing or puts it on top) and put the back in the oven until the cheese is melted. These are a big hit with the kids, although they take a little while as they're fiddley...

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    Fraser Guest


    oh yeah - my mum used to make those too! yummy - guess what we're having for tea now..... baked potatoes with bacon, cheese and sour cream mmmmmmmmmm thanks!!

    dammit - forgot about the low carb diet....

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    stuff the carbs LOL Also i make my own chips, just chops them finely and roll in flour before chucking in the deep fryer (not very healthy though, a nice treat )

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    Very unealthy, but yummy and easy......
    Chop potatoes into cubes, spray with oil sprinkle with salt and bake @ about 200oC for 30-40 mins, turning halfway. Then pour cream over the top (not too much!) and bake for another 10-15 mins.

    I said it was unhealthy! But it's always a big hit at our house, whoever is here

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    i love doing my potatoes like that too sezjm, but i dont pour the cream over. i just bake them and serve... mmmm....

    i spose you could roast both, just mix them up???

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    Fraser Guest


    we had baked potatoes with sour cream bacon, onion and cheese for dinner, thanks to this thread!

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    Awesome fraser!! Always good to learn something new every day

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