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    Hi everyone... I have a vege garden for the first time ever...and are absolutely loving it. I have planted cherry and roma tomatoes, that are about a week of being ready to pick. I would love to try my hand at some recipes, like homemade tomato sauce, chutney, etc. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I hate wasting, and want to share the bounty with my friends and family. thanks

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    I posted a you tube link the the other night with canning tomato sauce & salsa!

    I am totally in the mood for some preserving! I wish I was in QLD I'd come help Another thing too is tomato jam, which i prefer over sauce with things like home made sausage rolls!

    I am jealous!!!!

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    Cai - next year you need to plan yourself a vegie patch!!

    Vicky - the link to the you tube vid cai is referring to is in my "growing your own vegies" thread

    maybe try to see if there are any recipes there that you might be of interest for you!

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    thanks girls...tomato jam...yep will give that a go. is great hey BG.

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    ok - i'm at the point where i'm in need of some recipes to use up some tomatos - i've literally given away over 2kg of cherry tomatos in the past week and still have about the same amount left - plus about 5kg of other tomatos! i need to do some cooking so they don't go to waste!

    so - any suggestions? i think we'll have another haul about the same size during the week next week, so there will be a cook up fest big time! i'm thinking of making some bolognaise type sauce and freezing it (would make it with the meat in it, but we use spag sauce for chooken dishes too...)

    so, suggest away!
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