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Thread: What type of paprika do you use??

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    Default What type of paprika do you use??

    Hi Ladies,
    just wondering, when a recipe just says "paprika" what do you use ie. hot, sweet/hungarian (i think they are used interchangeabley but thay may be too different things?) or smokey.
    the reason I ask is last night I made the chile con carne recipe from the sunbeam SC recipe book and it just said 3 teaspoons of paprika so I put in hot and it was bloomin' hot. DD could not eat it and even DH complained. I have come across a few recipes that just say paprika it is always bugs me as there is a world of difference in taste between the hot and the hungarian.

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    Unless it says hot paprika or smokey, I would use the sweet one.
    I use the sweet one for practically everything that needs paprika, and spice things up with chilli.

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    I have only ever used the sweet hungarian one... I didn't even know there were other kinds!

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    I use the Woolworths Select Paprika. Most spices say if its hot or not. I remember I've used the extra hot paprika from Masterfoods. I've never even heard of Hungarian paprika. But from what I know of Hungarian flavours and salami etc, it usually is hotter.

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    I never use hot paprika - if I want heat I just use chilli and sweet paprika.

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    Normally if a recipe calls for paprika, it will be of the sweet/hungarian variety. So unless a recipe specifically states HOT paprika, then use the normal one

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